29 December 2015

New Years Glitter Balloon DIY

 It's time to sparkle, New Years Eve is almost upon us! And no time of year is more suited to glimmering glitter balloons to brighten up your home, party or event than NYE.

We've been searching pinterest for the best DIY balloon decoration ideas, getting us inspired to try out some NYE crafts this week. Glittery balloons are so simple to make at home, and are a great decoration idea to add sparkle and fun to your party décor. Seeing you into the New Year in glittery style!

Craft ideas that are great fun for young and old, who doesn't like getting creative with glitter and balloons! You can easily adapt these ideas to perfectly suit your party style and colour scheme too.

So grab a pack of balloons in your party's colour scheme! Then all you need is lots of colourful glitter or even some confetti (chop up shimmer curtains for chunky foil textures instead), and use either a thin layer of PVA glue applied with a brush or a quick spritz of spray adhesive to one half of your already inflated balloon. Then cover in glitter and confetti! Leave to dry and shake off any excess carefully before hanging in place.

Easy right?!

Team with a home made balloon drop for a balloon-tastic New Years!

Will you be adding some sparkle to your New Years Eve party?