30 April 2013

Top 5 Birthday Girl Party Themes

After we brought you our favourite 5 party themes for boys, we are now bringing you our favourite party tableware for girls. Everything is available to buy on our website or in our shop and prices for every range start at just 99p. Click on the links to go through to our website and we guarantee you'll also be tempted by some of our lovely decorations too! 
We adore this 'Sweet Treats' tableware set. If you're little girl has a sweet tooth and loves cupcakes and the colour pink, this theme is ideal. The cute polka dot design makes it edgy, fun and colourful. Available in this set is loot bags, napkins, plates, cups, tablecovers and even a cupcake stand. Plus we have loads of decorations that will go well with this set including cupcake balloons and happy birthday banners. All you need now is to make some cupcakes to match... It's time to get baking! 
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2. Hawaiian Themed Party

This 'Hula Girl' set is very bright and cheerful and ideal for children's summer birthday parties. The print shows a girl with a grass skirt on and lots of hibiscus flowers. Available in this Hawaiian tableware range are loot bags, tablecovers, napkins, cups and plates. If you take a look at all the Hawaiian decorations and fancy dress we have, you'll instantly be persuaded to turn your garden into a Hawaiian beach for your daughter's party! 
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3. Princess Themed Party

Most little girls dream of being a princess so why not give them a pretty pink party and make her feel like a princess? This tableware set is extremely cute and girly and will look great amongst some of our other accessories and decorations such as the tiara piñata, pink balloons and a Disney Princess cardboard cutout. Keep the theme delicate with some pink paper decorations too. Available in this set are party bags, napkins, cups, plates and tablecovers. 
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4. Pink Glitz Themed Party

This range is so big that you won't need to look for anything extra! Everything is a bright pink with sparkles and stripes (plus it's all available in blue or black too). Choose this simple design to make your party organising easy as everything will match. Available in this pretty pink sparkly set are tablecovers, plates, cups, napkins, confetti, bunting, banners, balloons, candles, centrepieces and more. 
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5. Butterfly Themed Party

This elegant butterfly tableware set is bright and bold; perfect for any little wildlife lover. We recommend you add some pink latex balloons and definitely check out our other party decorations such as the butterfly piñata which you can fill with yummy surprises. Available in this print are party bags, cups, tablecovers, plates and napkins.
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17 April 2013

Top 5 Birthday Boy Party Themes

As promised, here are some more children's birthday party theme ideas. Before we showed you some lovely party ideas that we found on the web and this time we are bringing them to you from our website. Everything is available for you to buy directly from our site and prices on every range starts from just 99p. 
Today we've picked our top 5 boy's themes. Whether they are just having their 1st birthday or they are now turning 13, we are positive they'll love one of these themes. 

1. Pirate Themed Party

 Ah Hoy there m'heartie! Check our our brilliant Pirate Party tableware. We love the bold red and white stripes along with the happy looking traditional skull and crossbones. With these theme we have so many additional accessories and decorations to choose from, you'll be overwhelmed with choice. Pick up a treasure chest piñata, pirate cake decorations and some skull cupcake wrappers to make sure the party goes with a bang! 
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2. Shark Themed Party

Have a splash at the party with this fun Shark Splash themed tableware. The napkins are printed with a fun 'Its Your Birthday Chum' quote and the children can write their names on the party bags. This theme also has a matching 'Happy Birthday' balloon. View our Shark Themed section to find accessories such as an inflatable shark and decorations like an underwater scene setter - instantly transform the room! 
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3. Space Themed Party

Get blown away with this Space Odyssey theme with cups, plates, napkins, tablecover and party bag all matching. We like the photographic print style and the way the rocket looks like it's shooting off the table! We recommend our space scene setter which will instantly transform the room and if you're feeling extravagant  add a space rocket and life size astronaut cutout. The children will actually feel like they're out of this world. 
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4. Dinosaur Themed Party

The children can learn and play with this great Diggin for Dinos theme. Each dinosaur is labelled with their name and how to pronounce it and the tablecover is covered with facts about their height, weight, length and whether they're a herbivore or carnivore. Our favourite is the Brachiosaurus (BRACK-ee-uh-SAWR-us)! You'll definitely want the bright red dinosaur piñata to go with the set and there's also some cute little dinosaurs to pop in the party bags. 
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5. Jungle Themed Party

We love this cute and cuddly design Jungle Buddies tableware set. Who could resist those smiles? Suddenly jungle animals aren't so scary! It's a really bright and colourful party set and will really appeal to young boys. The napkins are printed with 'Happy Birthday' and the party bags have space for writing on a child's name. You'll also want to pick up some jungle inspired balloons and jungle cake decorations. 
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15 April 2013

Rachel Ellen Balloons

With over a thousand balloons on our website and in our shop, you can image it's hard to pick a favourite but we adore one of our new ranges this year. Rachel Ellen's fantastic illustrations now feature on a whole range of round and heart foil balloons and add a huge splash of colour to our collection. The range is exclusive to Qualatex, one of our favourite balloons suppliers because of their high quality, and includes some new illustrations alongside well known pieces from her portfolio. All the balloons are just £2.49, click here to see them on our site.

What Qualatex say: 
'Established in 1997, Rachel Ellen's hand painted characters are instantly recognizable, and her work has become highly regarded within the greeting card and stationery industry. Rachel's cute and colourful characters have a wide appeal to both children and the young at heart. Her designs are currently sold in more that 25 countries.'

Ideal for the younger ones are the 'On Your Christening' and 'Baby Boy/Girl' balloons. The christening balloons feature a colourful boat of delicately drawn animals and the baby balloon shows a young baby in a patterned pram. We love the little touch of the bumble bee and butterfly. There's a heart shaped balloon especially for celebrating an engagement and it features lots of patterned and colourful hearts. The heart shaped balloon for a wedding is in a delicate and soft white with a fun and quirky font spelling out 'On Your Wedding Day'. There's also some little illustrations of flowers, a horseshoe, a cake and some clinking champagne glasses. Rachel's also come up with some exciting illustrations to make milestone age balloons all that more exciting! Anyone would be pleased to receive a gorgeous bright round birthday balloon. I love how they all have spots or stripes round the edges too. Choose from 'Happy birthday, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th or 80th. You could double up and use the 30th for a pearl anniversary, the 40th for a ruby anniversary, the 50th for a golden anniversary and a 60th for diamond anniversary.

8 April 2013

Life Size Cutouts

On Friday we added Life Size Cardboard Cutouts to our site and we think they are fantastic! There's something suitable for any occasion. Today we have added hundreds of fantastic Cardboard Cutouts to our site. With everything from Spongebob Square Pants to the Queen, you'll find something for your party. Look through our whole range in sections such as 'Hollywood Stars', 'Doctor Who', 'Animals' and 'Disney'. Plus there are lots of 'Stand-In' cutouts which are perfect as a photographic prop. You're bound to have a giggle poking your head through a cutout that makes you look like a Superhero!
Each cutout comes folded down (for easier transportation) - just unfold and open up the stand and put anywhere in the room
Our cutouts are unfortunately only available online at the moment, please contact us if you would like to order one to be collected from the shop. They are also only available for 3 - 5 day shipping via City Link so please consider this when ordering.

3 April 2013

Our Top Costumes on a Budget

We all like to save the pennies where we can so we thought we'd share our favourite costumes on a budget. All these costumes are under £20 and will make an impact at any party. Plus we still have 10% off everything!