3 June 2016

Wonderland Food & Drink Treats

We're enjoying the resurgence of Alice in Wonderland inspired parties and themed afternoon teas due to the much anticipated release of Tim Burton's latest instalment of this magical childhood tale.

Having picked out the party essentials and decorations that we think are perfect for a Alice in Wonderland style garden party or event. The next important element is the food. What's a tea party without biscuits and treats!

With this theme in mind, it's certainly a case of being as creative as you like! Check out some of our favourite Wonderland inspired food and drink ideas to try out at your next tea party.

Capture the wacky character of the Cheshire Cat with the help of some purple icing and a stack of pink wafers. Who doesn't like a pink wafer!

With the simple combination of white and wholemeal bread, along with a steady hand, you can turn your dainty afternoon tea sandwiches into cute playing cards. Use mini cookie cutter to easily stamp out the shapes in fresh slices of bread.

How realistic are these edible desert mushrooms! This recipe incorporates the flavour of liquorice, helps to capture the often unusual character of most of the food in Alice in Wonderland. But you can always work with your own flavoured meringues if liquorice isn't your thing.

Mix up a big batch of fruity punch for all the guests and serve in individual bottles. The simple addition of a quirky  'Drink Me' label and you have yourself a refreshing drink in perfect Alice style.

We adore these shortbread tea bag biscuits! A grown up twist on the Mad Hatter's tea party. The recipe is in French, but with the help of Google Translate, you can be making these Lemon & Dark Chocolate Tea Bag Biscuits in no time.

But if you are baking biscuits, the you also have to go with the iconic 'Eat Me', 'Try Me' treats. Check our the very handy biscuit tutorial below for a run through of so many great Alice in Wonderland biscuits styles.

Have you been to see the latest Alice in Wonderland film yet?