29 April 2016

Daisy Biscuit Bouquet

It's the bank holiday weekend and the weather forecast is mixed. With recent days bringing blue skies, rain showers, and even snow, you wouldn't guess that May day bank holiday is here! But, whatever the weather brings, brighten up the 3 day weekend with some delicious colourful bakes in the kitchen. Inspired by Spring!

And what could be better than this colourful daisy biscuit bouquet!

27 April 2016

Chic Wedding Balloon Inspiration

Putting those final touches to your wedding venue? Or just looking for some quirky decoration inspiration?  Done in the right way, balloons can be used as stylish decorations to add to the sense of celebration. Unusual large bubble and orb balloons are a match made in heaven for alternative wedding d├ęcor - both fun and chic.

We've picked out our favourite ways to use big balloons as a stylish feature to impress the wedding guests.

20 April 2016

St George's Top 10 Facts

St George's Cross - St George's Day decorations
This coming weekend, Saturday 23rd April is St George's Day.

The day to celebrate the patron saint of England is often forgotten by many English folk, some of whom don't even know the name of their nation's patron saint. So we've put together 10 top facts for a crash course in all things St George!

13 April 2016

Stylish Wedding Printables - All Free

As wedding season is fast approaching, there will be brides and grooms around the country putting together all those finer touches that will make their big day all that more special. It's well known that weddings can be costly affairs, but luckily there are so many stylish wedding printables out there that can help you plan the big day - all for free too!

From save the date cards, to kids activity zines, to alternative guest books! We've put together a selection of our favourite free wedding downloads that you can use for your big day....

11 April 2016

Eight Essentials for a Star Wars Party

Whether you are an original Star Wars fan from the first trilogy in the 80s, a fan of the classic 90s films, or a new fan with the release of The Force Awakens. Star Wars is popular with so many - the young, the old and those in between!

With the release of the latest film, Star Wars fever is still gripping the nation. A series of films which hold a special place in the hearts and imaginations of many. Uniting generations to all bond over one film. Which means that Star Wars themed parties are more popular this year than every before!

We've picked out the 8 essential party pieces that are all you need to throw the ultimate Star Wars party this year.

7 April 2016

Party Hat Hacks

The simple party hat is a classic staple of celebrations all across the land. Have you ever thought about jazzing up a simple party hat to match your party theme or colour scheme? There are so many ways to customise these simple paper hats, turning them into an even more colourful and fun party accessory for your guests.

From sophisticated hen party flower hats, colourful monster inspired party hats to garland decorations! It's surprising what a paper party hat can become with a little creativity thrown in! Check out our favourite DIY party hat tutorials below....

4 April 2016

Polka Dotty Party

We're sure you know we love a good party. But we're always dotty for a polka dot party! Setting a simple party theme can pull all the different elements of your party together in style.

Having a cohesive theme gives the impression that you have spent a lot of time considering all the finer details, even if it is as simple as setting yourself one easy theme. Then everything else will fall into place!

Which is why we love a polka dot theme!