30 April 2015

Royal Baby - Boy or Girl?

So, do you think it is going to be a boy or a girl?

The Royal Baby is due any day now. Although the official due date is unknown, speculation is rife that Kate Middleton is already overdue and waiting to be induced.

Royal fever is once again gripping the UK, as Prince George is set to get a new little brother or sister. Even those of us who are not royalists are still getting swept up in the excitement. Any excuse to get together as a nation and collectively celebrate some good news!

Whilst we wait to find out if the 4th in line heir to the throne with be a prince or a princess, we can think of ways to celebrate the news.

Everyone loves a cupcake! So if you fancy getting baking, then we think these patriotic Union Jack Cupcake Cases are very fitting for the occasion. Grab a pack now and start whipping up a batch of royal cupcake treats over the weekend. You could even decorate them with 'It's a Boy' or 'It's a Girl' toppers. But you'll have to place your bets on the gender of the baby by buying your cupcake decorations in advance. Unless, of course, you are prepared - and buy both!

Do you think it will be royal baby girl or a baby boy?

29 April 2015

Number Balloon Ideas

Number balloons are fun ways to celebrate a special birthday. But they can also be used as part of the party décor, even using giant helium balloon numbers to create a stand out feature wall! This is particularity perfect for NYE events, but can be created at all sorts of parties through the year too. Simply hang shimmery foil curtains, crepe streamers or strings of twirling decorations behind your helium numbers for a simple but effect feature decoration to impress your guests.

We've been busy finding party inspiration on pinterest, and love the idea of attaching smaller semi-inflated balloons to or around number balloons to make them even more interesting. You could even create your own crepe tassel garland to hang from or surround your number balloons for a quirky touch. Hang up a few extra paper pom poms or lanterns for extra shape and texture!

Number balloons can also have practical uses! A great and an colourful way to set out the table numbers at a wedding reception or big event.

Number Balloons - Available at Flingers
Pick up your large number balloons in store at Flingers, or order online ready for your next special birthday or event. In a range of colours and styles, you'll be sure to be find the perfect numbers to suit your party theme and create your own part balloon feature!

Are you looking for balloon numbers to celebrate a special birthday?

23 April 2015

DIY St George's Rose

 Happy St George's Day! Traditionally, those who celebrate this day and the patron saint of England wear a bright red rose pinned to their chest. In much the same way as the Welsh wear a daffodil or a leek on St David's Day and the Scots proudly wear a thistle for St Andrew's Day.

If you haven't popped past a the florist this morning but would still like to take the opportunity to get involved with St George's Day, there is still time! Just grab yourself some red paper and a scissors and try out this 5 minute crafty tutorial to make your very own paper rose.

All you need;
- Red Paper
- Scissors
- An Eraser
- A Pencil
- Something to draw around (Glass, mug, etc.)
- Double Sided Tape / Glue

What you do;

1. Lightly draw a circle on your piece of red paper. 

2. Using this outline as a guide, draw a squiggly line around the edge of the circle. Use this wobbly line to cut out your circle. 
3. Then draw a squiggly swirl from the edge of the circle to the very centre.
4. Begin rolling up your circular strip of paper. Keep it as tight as you can to begin, use a pin or a thin pencil to roll the paper around if this will help. You could even roll it around a green wooden stick, that can act as the stem of the rose!
5. Once you have rolled up all the paper allow it to loosen slightly and form the natural shape of the rose. Use a small piece of double sided tape or dab a dot of glue on the end of the paper strip to seal it in place.

Then use a pin to attach it to the collar of your coat or the pocket of your shirt and feel proud of your crafty St George's Day creation!

Are you celebrating St George's Day today?

21 April 2015

Pinåta Cookies Please!

Like cookies, piånatas, unicorns AND sweets? Then these Pinåta cookies are a MUST!

We spotted these on sheknows.com whilst looking for ideas to get baking with our Unicorn Cookie Cutters. These colourful biscuits were designed as a treat for an upcoming Cinco de Mayo party. But we think they are perfect for brightening up any kids party - especially any magical princess or fantasy unicorn themed party!
Multicolour Pinåta Cookies - sheknows.com

Find the tutorial (and even a handy video) for how to make these magical biscuits and get ready to brighten up your kitchen with lots of colourful cookie dough! If you are worried that you don't have time to make all the individual colours of batter for your own stripy unicorn creatures, you could use one or two food colourings instead. They have to be at least a little bit colourful mind, it seems like it would be a crime for them not to be!

Grab yourself some Unicorn Cookie Cutters and all the kitchen baking essentials you'll need and get lost in the world of Pinåta cookies this weekend! Team with a real Unicorn Pinåta for magical pinåta fun all around! 

Will you be giving this colourful recipe a go?

16 April 2015

Time to Celebrate St George

First we had St David's Day, the St Patrick's - now it is the turn of St George. As the patron saint of England, St George's Day is celebrated by the nation on Thursday 23rd April.

St George's Day is not a typical national day, and doesn't call for grand spectacles and shows of patriotism. But it doesn't mean it can't be celebrated! First you need to find out the story of St George and how he came to be the patron saint of England. Then, get in the spirit of the holiday, by displaying the iconic cross of St George all around.
St George Wig   |   St George's Cross Balloon   |   St George Bowler Hat   |   Waving Flags
From bunting to paper plates and from wigs to flags, you can stock up on lots of patriotic goodies at Flingers to see you through St George's Day. Order online now, or pick up everything you need in store. You could even try out our free Click and Collect service to order everything in time for Tuesday!

Later in the year all the Scots amongst us will celebrate St Andrew's Day, but for now, it is time to celebrate St George!

Are you going to be wearing a rose for St George's Day?

15 April 2015

DIY Tassel Garland

We're always a fan of creative ways to turn crepe paper into fun and stylish party decorations! We've been a fan of crepe paper tassels for a long time and finally decided to have a go ourselves and make our own garland of tasselly goodness!

A super simple and inexpensive way to add some fun decorations to any party (or even just the kids bedrooms)!

All you need is;
- Crepe Paper (use an assortment of colours to co-ordinate your garland with the rest for your party!)
- Scissors
- Colourful String or Ribbon

To begin;
1. Take your squares of crepe paper and lay them flat. We used squares 30cm x 30xm, but you can cut yours depending on how big you want you tassels to be. Then fold in half. Using a sharp scissors, start cutting your fringing, remembering to stop approx. 6cm from the centre fold. Cut your fringing as thin or thick as you like, depending on how chunky and textured you want your finished tassels to be!

2. Take one sheet of crepe paper and open it up on a flat surface. Begin rolling the paper up, keeping it is tight as possible.

3. Once you have rolled the whole sheet, begin twisting the central section of the paper and fold as you twist to form the tassel. With your tassel almost finshed give one final twist to hold it in place. But don't forget to leave a small loop to allow you to thread it into your string!

4. With all your tassels complete, thread them onto the string you will be using, then hang, sit back and enjoy your hard work!

Will you be making crepe tassel garlands this summer?

10 April 2015

Bring on the Summer | BBQ Time

 No one can have failed to notice that we have be basking in glorious sunshine this week. With the kids off school, its feels like Summer has already arrived. And when there is sun. There are barbecues!

Take advantage of the good weather and celebrate the final weekend of Eater holidays with a slap up BBQ for all the family. At Flingers, you can pick up all the essentials you will need, from cocktail sticks to foil platters, from punch bowls to plastic cups! But you can't forget the things which will truly make your BBQ one to remember. Like the Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler! To keep all your drinks cool and your guests refreshed in the warmer temperatures!
 Don't forget all the things no BBQ would be complete without. From BBQ themed tablecovers and paper plates, to the essential plastic cutlery! Brighten up your garden with some colourful Bunting or get some inspiration for creative ways to decorate your back yard for a stylish garden party this weekend! And if you are opting for our Palm Tree Cooler, then there is no way you can forget the straws to keep your laid back garden party going. We think these yellow polka dot straws will be perfect!

You can pick all this up and more in store at Flingers now.

Will you be taking advantage of the sunshine this weekend?

8 April 2015

Garden Party Inspiration

All this blue sky and sunshine is giving us a taste of what's to come this Summer. The warmer weather has had us dreaming of quaint garden parties, BBQ's with friends and relaxed picnics with the family.

Pinterest is always a ripe source of inspiration and we've discovered a few awesome decorations ideas we can wait to try at our next garden party. We love to see how effective some simple decorations  such crepe streamers, balloons, pom poms and paper fans can be used to create charming and creative garden decor.

Find more party inspiration on our pinterest boards for any event you may be planning. And stock up on lots of party essentials ready to see you through all the parties on your calender this year. If the weather sticks around, then we see lots of garden parties on the horizon!

Will you be planning a garden party this year?

2 April 2015

Easter Egg Pinatas

How amazing are these DIY Egg Piñatas! Paper maché, piñatas and Easter eggs take us right back to our childhood in many different ways! We think these are the perfect crafty activity to keep the kids occupied over the weekend, that they excitedly get to smash up on Easter Sunday!

If this Easter Egg Piñata idea has given you the urge to get on with some paper maché crafting this Easter weekend, you can find all the instructions over on ohhappyday.com. With lots of handy tips and tricks to help you through the process too.
Create your own colourful fringed Easter Egg Piñatas - Get the tutorial at ohhappyday.com
All you need is some balloons, crepe paper streamers, newspaper, PVA glue, ribbon and scissors. Not forgetting a few extra treats to hide inside the piñatas. Fill with mini chocolates or sweet treats, or for a more magical effect when they eventually burst open, pop some glitter or confetti inside! Just don't forget the Piñata Buster!
Balloons   |   Crepe Paper Streamers   |   Confetti   |   Piñata Buster
Will you be trying out any crafty Easter activities?