31 August 2016

Futuristic Face Paints | Bestival 2016

Bestival is only next week, one of the biggest and funniest festivals on he calender, marking the end of the British Summer! This time around, the theme for Bestival 2016 is 'The Future'. Have you got your fancy dress planned yet? We're thinking space travelling, intergalactic missions, alien creatures, colourful cyber fashion and lots of glitter!

Last week, we picked out shimmery silver fancy dress ideas and accessories to take you on a cyber style journey through the fields of Bestival. And now to complete the look, we thinking about the face paint!

26 August 2016

Free Printable Ice Cream Wrappers

As it is the bank holiday weekend, and we are still holding out for some sunshine! We have a feeling that there is going to be copious amounts of ice cream consumed this weekend!

We've designed some fruity ice cream cone wrappers to add some extra colour and extra tropical vibes to your weekend. Read on to find out how to download these printables for free!

They are perfect if you are planning a final summer BBQ to round off a busy August. Don't forget to check out our favourite fruity watermelon recipes and summer cocktail lolly ideas, for even more fruity vibes to add to your weekend BBQ!

24 August 2016

Carnival Spirit

Whether you want to re-create your own version of the colourful Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony at home or if you will be dancing away at Notting Hill this weekend, there is a carnival atmosphere all around!

Add some colour to your next party and sample a bit of carnival spirit. Think fabulous feathers, shimmering eye masks, maracas, music and dancing. Lots of dancing. Perhaps throw in a couple of Brazilian Caiprinhas and you'll instantly be transported to the middle of a full on Brazilian carnival atmosphere.

We've picked out some key accessories to have you in full carnival party mode in no time at all.

18 August 2016

Bestival | To the Future

One of our top UK festivals is coming up and it's the perfect excuse for dressing up too. Each year Bestival goes all out with a theme, encouraging all festival goers to get dressed up to match!

For 2016, Bestival is going into the future. So if you are lucky enough to be heading along to the Isle of Wight to round off your Summer with this ever popular festival, then you had better get set for a little but of time travelling!

We've picked out a few essential accessories to get you all cybered up and ready to take on the space-age, Bestival style.

15 August 2016

Flinger Party World - Launch Party

Did you know that we're opening a brand new party superstore in Bristol City Centre?

Come along to Flingers Party World on the 18th August on Bristol Harbourside for our summer launch party. Join us and celebrate over drinks, nibbles and entertainment too.

Plus you will receive VIP discount on the night! 

11 August 2016

Office Olympics - Let the Games Commence

The Olympics are well under way! Whilst many of us will never come close to the sporting prowess of those top Olympians competing in Rio this Summer, there is no reason you can join in the fun!

Plan an office Olympics to sort the 'Usain Bolt's from the 'Eddie The Eagle's and discover which of your colleagues are competitive and which ones are true champions! We've picked out a few fun ways to bring a little bit of the Rio sporting spirit to your workplace.

10 August 2016

Boomtown Districts 2016

Who's heading to Boomtown this weekend? We hope you haven't forgotten your fancy dress? Boomtown is one of the best festivals around for immersive arts, abstract performance and for letting your imagination run wild!

A festival that has been running for many years, with an elaborate back story running through it the whole time. The festival site is split into several distinct districts, full of wacky characters, thematic performances and an individual genre of music. And with each district there is a distinct fancy dress theme for you to throw yourself into the spirit of the festival.

So which district would be your ideal zone?

5 August 2016

Olympic Cocktail | The Caipirinha

It only feels like the London Olympic opening ceremony happened last year, but somehow it's already four years later and the 2016 Olympics are here. This time, it's the turn of Brazil to host the sporting spectacular.

Whilst Southern America may seem far far away, get into the spirit of the Braziallian culture whilst enjoying this Summer's games. We think this calls for a Caipirinha!! Well, it is the national cocktail of Brazil! So what cocktail could be more fitting to enjoy on a summer's evening.

Don't know how to muddle a Caipirinha? Don't worry, we have the super simple recipe for you.

2 August 2016

Watermelon Party Dishes

Summer is well under way, and there is nothing more refreshing to enjoy at this time of year than a juicy slice of watermelon. So much so, we've been picking out lots of quirky ways to incorporate colourful watermelon into an alternative party theme for your summer garden parties.

So to accompany your watermelon party decorations, balloons and all the other party essentials you will need, don't forget the food! We've been busy sourcing all the most delicious recipes using our summer fruit favourite. From alternative BBQ dishes, to fizzy summer cocktails, to frozen ice treats!