29 June 2016

Wimbledon Sweet Treat Recipes

The best signal that Summer has arrived? When Wimbledon begins! Despite the wet weather, Wimbledon is under way in London. With England knocked out of the Euros, all English sporting hopes are now left to focus upon a British win in tennis instead!

Wimbledon has long been famous for a typically British sweet treat - strawberries and cream! But this year, why not mix it up a bit and explore more tennis inspired bakes, treats and puddings. Hopefully adding some extra summer feeling to this wet and windy Wimbledon week!

21 June 2016

Festival Garden Party

You may have noticed that Glastonbury is taking place this weekend... The world famous festival will see hundreds and thousands of revellers travelling to Worthy Farm in Somerset for a long weekend of music, mayhem and camping.

If you're not heading down, are you cursing your bad luck at not being able to buy tickets? Or is the mud-famous festival just not really your thing?

Well, why not put together you own personal mini-version of Glastonbury instead? With the weather set to be warm this weekend, it is a great excuse to gather your friends at home and get into the festival spirit from the comfort of your own back garden!

No mud. Access to showers. Plus, you can to sleep in your own bed at night! Win win win!

17 June 2016

Football Crazy Party Mad

Football fever has taken over Europe. With the opening games of the Euros 2016 under way, which team has your support?

Whether you are supporting your home nation, championing the underdogs or following the old favourites. Most important of all is to support the sport of football! If you are inviting all your friends around to watch the footy at home, or planning a local event to watch the games with fellow football fans, then we can help you get into the spirit of the game and set the scene.

Stock up on all the best football party decorations, tableware and themed accessories to plan the ultimate football bash. From big football balloons to grass table covers! There is plenty to chose from to go football crazy at your next party.

15 June 2016

Tipsy Teacup Cocktails

A classic afternoon tea is as popular as ever for celebrating special occasions. From big birthdays and hen parties to just catching up with friends. In recent weeks, we've noticed that the release of the latest Alice in Wonderland film has certainly inspired many a Mad Hatter Tea Party!

If you are planning a quirky afternoon tea or party at home, why not make your cocktails that extra special too. Serving cocktails in teapots and teacups is a popular trend at stylish bars up and down the land. Infusing tea into your cocktails is so easy and will result in a delicious drink to really impress your friends!

We've picked out a few of our favourite teacup cocktail recipes that we think are ideal for an adults Mad Hatter inspired tea! Mix up a big batch in a quirky teapot and let your guests help themselves.

9 June 2016

Union Jack Street Party | Queen's 90th

 This weekend marks the official celebration of the Queen's 90th birthday. As not only the longest serving monarch of the United Kingdom, she is now officially the oldest too!

So it's a double excuse to get involved and bring the community together. There will be street parties taking place all over the UK to celebrate and expect to see many a Union Jack being waved nationwide!

If you are planning a street party or a garden party to get into the celebratory spirit, then prepare to turn everything red, white and blue!

8 June 2016

Baby Shower Gaming

If you are planning a baby shower, then you know how important games can be to make the whole party a fun and relaxing occasion for the Mum To Be.

Use simple baby shower games to get all the guests familiar with each other and chatting away (especially useful if the Mum To Be has a wide ranging group of friends who may not all know each other beforehand). Games are also a great way to spoil the Mum To Be, letting her know just how well loved and well known she is by her closest friends and family.

We've picked out our favourite baby shower games and party ideas that we have in stock right now. Grab the perfect party game to make sure the baby shower you are planning is full of giggles, good memories and lots of fun!

3 June 2016

Wonderland Food & Drink Treats

We're enjoying the resurgence of Alice in Wonderland inspired parties and themed afternoon teas due to the much anticipated release of Tim Burton's latest instalment of this magical childhood tale.

Having picked out the party essentials and decorations that we think are perfect for a Alice in Wonderland style garden party or event. The next important element is the food. What's a tea party without biscuits and treats!

With this theme in mind, it's certainly a case of being as creative as you like! Check out some of our favourite Wonderland inspired food and drink ideas to try out at your next tea party.

2 June 2016

Lost in Wonderland Tea Party

With the newest instalment of Alice in Wonderland taking over cinemas nationwide, we've already noticed how much quirky tea parties have become even more popular this year. We've been searching for lots of wacky but wonderful Alice in Wonderland party inspiration on Pinterest in the spirit of Tim Burton's Through the Looking Glass. From afternoon tea parties to garden decorations to creative cake ideas!

But we've also been picking out those party essentials you need to capture that Alice in Wonderland theme.