27 November 2015

Free Christmas Party Photobooth Props

Christmas is coming and it is time to get all those party plans in place. Now it is always important to make sure you get to take as many photos as possible at the Christmas party, and a festive photobooth is the best way to do it!

We've put together yet another free DIY photobooth prop box for you to make at home, and this time is it all about Christmas! From Santa's beard to Christmas pudding glasses, with a few Naughty or Nice signs thrown in the mix too.

Download our festive DIY Photobooth Prop Box download for free and start create your DIY party props - all perfectly in keeping with your spirit of the season.

How to make your Gatsby Photobooth Props:

  1. Print our DIY Christmas inspired Photo Props onto A4 paper or card.
  2. Mount each prop onto cardboard or foamboard using spray adhesive.
  3. Carefully cut out each prop and shape using sharp scissors.
  4. Attach a short stick to each prop to allow them to be handled easily. A glue gun works best!
  5. Plan you backdrop - Hanging shimmery curtains or crepe streamers work as a simple but effective background, or put up a fun festive scene setter to instantly transform the space.
  6. Bring on the big night!
Not planning a Gatsby party but still looking to create your own DIY photo booth? Then try out our other prop box downloads for general celebrations, a Great Gatsby party and wedding days.

Will you be downloading our free prop box templates this holiday season?

25 November 2015

Top 5 Festive Bakes

Christmas is coming and it's the time of year to enjoy good food, great treats, and delicious bakes. We've pulled together our top 5 festive bakes to get your inspiration flowing and help you to start planning all your special Christmas cupcake and biscuit treats this holiday.
Chocolate Tree Cupcake Toppers - www.justataste.com
1. Chocolate Tree Cupcake Toppers
Perfect for those who like to try something a little more avant-guarde with their bakes. These Chocolate Tree Toppers are edible and very easy to make!

 Dogs in Christmas Jumper Gingerbiscuits - www.cakejournal.com
2. Festive Dog Jumper Biscuits
Now who doesn't like dogs wearing jumpers? Dogs wearing Christmas jumpers? Edible dogs wearing Christmas jumper biscuits? Win win win if you ask us! Just grab a doggie cookie cutter, check out the surprisingly simple tutorial, and let your imagination run wild.

Snowman Cake Pops - www.bakerella.com
3. Snowman Cake Pops
If you have a cake pop making machine hiding at the back of the cupboard, dig it out and learn how to great a gang of tasty Snowmen to brighten up your Christmas table of treats.  

4. 3D Gift Wrapped Biscuit Icing
Or if you are looking to go all out on your Christmas bakes this year, you could re-create these very impressive present biscuits with 3D bows of icing. It takes a little bit of patience and a steady hand to follow this tutorial, but we know that your friends, family and colleagues will definitely be impressed by your festive baking skills!

Buttericing Christmas Tree Cupcakes - www.ninerbakes.com
5. Christmas Tree Buttericing Cupcakes 
This festive cupcake idea is a perhaps one of the simplest ideas, but by no means the least impressive. Your towering Christmas trees will top your cupcakes, but don't forget those essential (and edible) baubles to complete the look!

What are your favourite bakes to create at this time of year?

19 November 2015

Winter Warming | Party Inspiration

Winter is officially upon as and with this windy, wet, and cold weather we are really looking forward to thowing a big warm winter party to welcome in the season. The perfect winter party should be full of twinkling lights and flickering candles to give the illusion of warmth.

Very stylish party planner knows the appeal of Maison Jars! For the ultimate pinterest-worthy party, half fill some jars with water, fill with lush green leaves and rich red berries and top off with a floating candle to create stylish and oh so seasonly appropraote lighting!

We also love beautiful pine cone garlands - drawing on the rich outdoor landscape to provide pretty party decorations! Find out how to create your own DIY Pine Cone Garland with this handy tutorial

Ultimately, the key thing to making a cosy winter party it lots of warming drinks. Think Hot Chocolate with a huge supply of luxurious toppings. Make an interactive Hot Chocolate bar where guests can put together their own topping to make the ultimate delicious Hot Choc. Yum!

How are you planning welcome in the Wintery weather?

13 November 2015

Cupcake Balloons | Tutorial

Are you running a bake sale today for Children In Need? Or are you just planning the finishing touches to some special party cupcakes?
Now, we all know that no party is complete without balloons! So we like any excuse to add even more balloons to the party d├ęcor. After completing all our Children In Need inspired bakes, we've been topping off our cupcake treats with  mini balloons to add a burst of extra colour and fun!
It's so simple to create at home, or at your very own bake sale! Just take a colourful balloon and inflate but don't fill the balloon as we want it to stay quite small. (We used our Pearled Teal Balloons for ours!)

Next we advise taking your cocktail stick and wrapping a small piece of masking tape or washi tape around the top end to soften the spike and stop it popping your balloon!

Take some pretty ribbon or string and tie your mini balloon to the top of the cocktail stick. (You could also use a little dab of hot glue to secure your balloon and make sure it stays in place.) Once this is secured, push the sharp end of the cocktail stick into the top of the cupcakes.

All that is left is to present your cute balloon cupcakes in pride of place! Sure to win you a few more customers if you are running a Children In Need bake sale too!

Fancy getting a little bit more crafty with your cake toppers? Try our stylish Mini Bunting Cake Topper Tutorial to create your own strings of colourful cake bunting using some good old washi tape!

What do you think of our cute cupcake balloons?

11 November 2015

Pudsey Bakes | Children In Need

One of the most popular and enjoyable-for-all ways to raise money in aid of Children in Need is always a bake sale!

With Children in Need just days away, you don't have long to plan your spectacular bakes! We've been checking out some of the best Pudsey inspired cakes, biscuits and treats to get some great ideas, ready to raise some money for Charity on Friday 13th November. Check out lauralovescakes's blog for some top tips on how to create your the perfect eye patch using icing in order to complete your Pudsey designs. But we do have a soft spot for some 3D Pudsey cake pops, almost to cute to eat!

If you are more of a biscuit person, then there are still lots of ways to design your treats in Pudsey style. The all important eye patch must feature of course!

Or for those of you who are thinking more along the lines of a simple cake design, then you can't go wrong with a fun polka dot iced cake! In the end, whatever type of treat you make, all that really matters at a Children in Need bake sale is having fun, raising money - and eating cake!

Are you raising money for Children in Need this Friday?

6 November 2015

Three Tips to Get The Gatsby Look

The popularity of a Gatsby party is still going strong. The glamour of the 1920s decade is a big draw for party planners all over, and it is often a popular party theme for NYE parties (yes, it's time to start planning for that!).

If you are thinking to host a Great Gatsby themed event, or have a 1920s inspired party invite tucked into your diary, then some glamorous fancy dress is a must! There are just three top tips you need to follow in order to get the look:

Showtime Flapper Dress   |   Jazzy Flapper Dress   |   Godfather Gangster   |   1920s Star
1. Dress Up or Suit Up
For the ladies, there is no other way to channel your inner Gatsby spirit that with a fabulous flapper dress. With the all important fringing so you can really show off your Charleston moves when you take to the dance floor. For the fellas, suit up! Whether you go for a stereotypical gangster, or the more comedic Charlie Chaplin look, looking smart is a must.

1920s Black Bob   |   Curly Flapper Wig   |   The Investigator Tash   |   Moustache Pack
2. The Hair
For the ladies this of course means a classy bob. The men, its more about the facial hair! No gentleman was complete in the 1920s without a well groomed moustache. You could even by a multi-pack of stick on moustaches to keep all your guests appropriately tash'ed when they arrive at the party!

1920s Pearl Necklace   |   Charleston Headband    |   Jumbo Cigar   |   Tommy Gun
 3. The Accessories
 Complete the glamour with some pearls and an essential Gastby headband. For the guys, get into character with a novelty giant cigar or a tommy gun.

But most importantly! Remember to take plenty of photos to remember how glamorous everyone looks! A photobooth is always a great way to capture candid snaps of each and every guest, throw in some 1920s props too! Download our 1920s Prop Box to make your very own DIY Gatsby photobooth!

Do you have a Gatsby Party coming up soon?

4 November 2015

Bonfire Cupcakes Tutorial

Now that Halloween has past it really begins to feel as though the cold dark nights of Winter have arrived. Especially marked by Bonfire Night, when everyone comes together to feel the warmth of a raging bonfire, marvel at fireworks and keep cosy with some hot food and drink.
Bonfire Cupcakes - kitchenmason.com

We've been looking around for top food tips and inspiration to share with friends and family this Bonfire Night, and when we discovered these awesome cupcakes from Miss Kitchen Mason we instantly knew what we would be (attempting!) to make this week!

The orange and yellow icing. The chocolate kindling! The detail in these cupcakes is divine and Miss Kitchen Mason certainly makes them seem oh so simple to create.

Check out her blog for the recipe as well as some top tips on how to structure your mini bonfires.

What are your plans this Bonfire Night?