30 September 2015

Autumn Party Inspiration

As we welcome in the start of October, we really are welcoming in the start of Autumn. When the leaves turn golden and crunch below your footsteps, and when the air turns crisp and chilly. It also signals the build up to two of our favourite times of the year - Halloween and.... *whispers* Christmas.

To celebrate this time of year and immerse ourselves in the changing of the seasons, we at Flingers have been getting inspired by lots of awesome Autumn party ideas. And it seems that no Autumnal themed party is complete with out an abundance of golden leaves. Hang them as bunting for a feature wall, attach to party bags, use as table centrepieces or even create leaf shaped biscuits for your guests.

Autumn lends itself well to decorating a party or event, with lots of small elements you can draw upon to convey the theme. Making it perfect for weddings too! We adore the name place cards with a sprig of fern - simple, yet modern and classy.

The other element of Autumn which cannot go unmentioned is pumpkins of course. There are a million ways to decorate pumpkins - remember pumpkin carving isn't just for Halloween!  Spray painting, d├ęcoupage, stencilling and even screw drivers are tools for customising pumpkins to use as decoration features. But simply hollowing the very top of a pumpkin to hold a tea light candle is one of our favourites to discover this week. Perfect for lighting the hallway on a day-to-day basis as well as for a big party.

Will you be throwing a party themed around the new season?

25 September 2015

England v Wales - Free Face Paint Stencils

Get your Welsh flag bunting or your English flag bunting ready!
 The Rugby World Cup is well underway and this weekend is set for a fair few games which are set to entertain us. England v Wales, is always a great game whatever the occasion. But with the world cup at play, this is set to be a big decider game.

So which side will you be cheering for on Saturday?

Show your support by decking your homes and yourselves out in the colours of your home nation. From bunting, to flags, to pom poms to balloons, to wigs! The list is endless - just don't forget the face paint too.

We've created some free DIY Face Paint Templates for you to use this weekend and support for your team, be that Wales or England. Simply download our free template, carefully cut out the stencils, then apply paint to your cheeks and get ready to cheer on your team!
Download free face painting stencils for this weekend's England v Wales Rugby World Cup Match.
There is still time to grab a pot of face paint before kick off Saturday at 8pm and be ready to shoe your true colours!

Who will you be cheering on this weekend?

21 September 2015

Three Rugby World Cup Essentials

 The Rugby World Cup is upon us, and as the hosts, we need to be as supportive as ever! No matter where you are from or who you support, we've got all you need to show your true colours.  These are our top three essentials to show your support and cheer on your team this month.

Irish Flag   |   Welsh Flag   |   Scottish Flag   |   Italian Flag   |   Australian Flag
1. Flags
Whether you are decorating a public venue, the pub, work or just your home, fly the flag of your nation. In fact, you can fly the flag in whatever way you wish, from small hand waving flags, to table covers - you can even cover your car in the St George Flag! We also have a range of flag bunting you can hang up too!

Welsh Balloon   |   Ireland Flag Balloon   |   English Shirt Balloon   |   USA Balloon

2. Balloons
We love any excuse to fill the room with balloons, and the Rugby World Cup is no exception. These flag balloons are great, but if you are trying to remain somewhat neutral, then the Rugby Ball Balloon is the perfect way to show your support for the competition.
Red Mohawk   |   St George Afro   |   Blue Mohawk Wig

3. Wigs
The best way to add some colour on match day. Perfect for those lucky one of have tickets to see a match, but you can also wear them down the pub with your mates for a good laugh and an afternoon of rugby. From Mohawks, to Tinsel Wigs, to Afros, pick the wig which best matching he colour of your favourite team's kit. Great teamed with a little bit of facepaint too!

Shop all this online and in store at Flingers Party Shop on Gloucester Road, Bristol. Be quick before you miss it!

Who will you be supporting during the 2015 Rugby World Cup?

18 September 2015

Dahlicious Dress Up Day

Dahlicious Dress Up Day is a day which will see schools and workplaces around the UK overrun by Oompa Loompas, Willy Wonkas, mini Miss Trunchbulls, BFGs and quite a few Fantastic Mr Foxes too! It will also see lots of money raised for a great cause and help children who are suffering from serious illnesses get to enjoy the magic of childhood a little bit more.

So on Friday 25th September, make sure you are wearing best Dahlicious fancy dress! Whether you've always imagined your child as lucky enough to be golden ticket winner Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or if you kid has the brains and supernatural powers to be a Matilda! There are so very many wonderful Roald Dahl characters that just spark the imagination.

And remember, Dahliscious Dress Up Day isn't just for the kids! Adults are certainly encouraged to get on board too, and we think an army of grown up male and female Oompa Loompas going to work on the 25th September could make this the greatest Dahliscious Day to date!

Which Roald Dahl character is your favourite?

We are unfortunately unable to post out orders this week. You can still order and collect from our shop in Patchway. We hope to resume back to normal on the 28th September. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

16 September 2015

Mini Cake Bunting | DIY Tutorial

We're in the middle of National Cupcake Week, and in the spirit of all things cake, we've been busy making some pretty mini bunting to put the finishing touches to this delicious cake!

Follow or step by step tutorial to create your own DIY cake bunting! Perfect for personalising any cake for extra bonus points on your presentation skills! Using our old favourite, washi tape, means that your bunting can also be perfectly co-ordinated to whatever colour scheme or party theme you have in mind.

All you need;
Washi Tape
Bamboo Cocktail Sticks
Make your own mini cake bunting:
1. Cut roughly 2 inch pieces of washi tape. Cut a piece of thread that is just slightly longer than the cake you wish to decorate. Fold pieces of tape in half over the thread you will be using to hang your bunting, making mini bunting pennants. (It doesn't need to be perfectly neat at this stage.) Space them out equally, and make as many as you wish!

2. Using a sharp pair of scissors, carefully trim your bunting flags in to your desired shapes. It can be the typical triangle, or you can keep them square, just trimming the edges to they are neat and tidy. 

3. Take a cocktail stick and carefully knot the end of the tread over the top. Secure with an extra piece of washi tape, which will also help to cover the spike too as well as neatly finishing the bunting pole. Repeat on the second stick.

4. Use the cocktail sticks to insert your mini bunting into the top of the cake. Then present, enjoy, and obviously eat some cake!

Will you be making some mini cake bunting too?

11 September 2015

Gooey Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

We can never say no to sharing an awesome cupcake recipe, and these gooey Lemon Meringue Cupcakes are no exception!

From the perfectly crispy meringue, to the zesty lemon curd filling, to the fluffy cupcake base. These bakes treats have our mouths watering here at Flingers! There is something oddly satisfying about all those baked goodies filled to the brim with tangy lemon, don't you think?

 Lemon Meringue Cupcakes -  kingarthurflour.com

If you fancy having a go at making these at home over the weekend, check out the recipe on kingarthurflour.com and find out some great tips to get your cupcakes perfectly crispy and perfectly gooey at the same time! 

So if anyone wants to make us up a batch of these, we certainly won't mind!

Have you tried making these before?

9 September 2015

Going Golden

With September arriving, we're being to feel excited for everything that Autumn brings. Including the opportunity for warmer, richer and luxusious party tones. And nothing is quite as luxurious as gold!

We have been getting inspired for all things gold this season. And sometimes the most effective party themes, can be the most simple. We've discocvered all these great ways to put on your own golden party, theming everything in sight to this one key colour. From the balloons, to the bunting, to the gift wrap, to the doughnuts! Glittery doughnuts are now our most favourite thing!

Such a simple theme to recreate, but with so much glamour. Perfect for a wedding, a golden anniversary, a big birthday and even a baby shower!

We've made it easy for you to get started on this glitzy party idea, with a section our website dedicated to all those golden party essentials. From golden table covers to paper cups, and from confetti to the party bags. You can shop all this and more at Flingers Party Shop today. With delivery starting from just £1.40. Live locally? Then be sure to take advantage of our free click and collect service.

Have you ever put together a glamorous gold colour scheme?

2 September 2015

How to Dress for the Summer of Love

Monochrome Missy   |   Psychedelic Hippy   |   Woodstock Flower Girl
Whilst Summer may officially be over for many of us now that September has arrived, for some the Summer of Love is still to come. Bestival is the perfect festival to wrap up the Summer, the last festival of the season to tick off on the calender.

This year, the festival theme is Summer of Love. If you are heading down to the Isle of Wight next weekend then there is still time to perfect your fancy dress! Need some help on how to channel your inner hippy and get in the spirit of the festival? Follow out top tips for essential Summer of Love fancy dress.

How to Dress Like a Summer of Love Hippy;

1. It's all about peace and love. The simplest accessory to add instant hippy vibes to your look is of course a classic medallion.

2. There is nothing more 60s than a pair of John Lennon style sunnies to give you an even greater rose tinted view of all your festival frolics! A simple way to add colour to your festival outfits and you can grab a pair for just £1.29.

3. Get the full hippy trip with some flower power and peace out instant tattoos. For only 69p, they are a great addition for any 1960s look, easy to apply and will wash off before you have to return to 2015 on the Tuesday!

 4. Wig out! Top off your look with a 60s inspired wig and really channel those hippy vibes. Perfect for embracing your inner hippy and morphing into your Summer of Love Bestival persona. 
Groovy Daisy Wig   |   60s Rock Legend Wig   |   Long Beaded Hippy Wig
5. Go with the flow. Embrace the theme fully by channelling all those peace, love and 60s thoughts. Spend your festival experience with an open mind and spread those peaceful vibes far and wide to truly get in the spirit of the Summer of Love.

Looking for an instant hippy fix? For a quick and easy transformation back to the 60s, try our Hippy Kit! With it's own silver medallion, quirky round sunglasses and a peace out headband. Get yours now before you miss out.

Shop all this and more online or in store now. With delivery starting at just £1.40 there is still time to get your Summer of Love festival essentials in time. But be quick, our Summer of Love fancy dress stock is running low already!

Are you heading to Bestival this September?