30 May 2014

Football World Cup Special Offer

So the World Cup is set to kick off in less than a fortnight! We think that it  is defiantly time to start party planning and deciding how you want to celebrate the start of the 2014 Fifa World Cup.

One thing is for sure, a World Cup party needs to have snacks! Whether you are planning a football themed party for the kids or getting your mates around to watch a few matches, food is a necessity!

At Flingers we have an amazing offer on this Football Party Set made up of cups, plates and bowls. Get it all for just £2.29! Throw together some nibble and some party food, stock up on our football themed disposable party ware and you won’t even need to do any washing up. What more could you ask for.
This amazing offer is only available online, so head over to www.flingerspartyshop.com to order your set now be stock runs out. With delivery starting from just £1.40, you can pick up all your party essentials to get you through the World Cup with minimum hassle.
If you need more party tableware including table covers, disposable cutlery, napkins and more, we’re sure you will find exactly what you are after at Flingers.

Don’t forget to pick up your party decorations too. Get some football world cup themed party decoration ideas from an earlier blog post.

Will you be holding a World Cup 2014 party?

28 May 2014

'When I Grow Up' Party

When planning a party, the hardest part can be coming up with an awesome theme to get everyone dressed up, involved and ready to have fun. For adults, some of the best parties can be those where, for one night, we get return to our childhood and get nostalgic.

We think a great party theme is 'When I Grow Up I Wanted To Be...’. Everyone who attends the party has to dress up as the one thing that as a child, they really wanted to be when they grew up! This party theme is great for including every single guest and for being a easy conversation starter on the night.

So what dream job did you aspire to have? Did you want to train as a Doctor? A Nurse? Or even a Surgeon?

Were you an action man kind of child? Was it your dream to be in the armed forces? How about dressing up as a very respectable Naval Officer, a Fireman, or a Police Officer?

One we’re sure will be a popular choice at this kind of party is the Airline Pilot. And of course the Air Hostesses! Always a glamourous looking career.

The list is endless for fancy dress options at this kind of party which is what makes it so fun! At Flingers we have a huge range of career inspired fancy dress costumes available online now. Check out the whole range and see if you can spot the one thing you aspired to be as a child.

Do you think you would try this party theme?

22 May 2014

Keeping The Kids Entertained at a Wedding

We all know how tricky it can be to keep children occupied, entertained and happy at a wedding. A long day full or traditions, routines and waiting around! So we have gathered together some of our favourite ideas of ways to keep the young ones entertained throughout the reception and into the night.

Create a Children’s Corner
The great thing about children at weddings is how much they love to meet and integrate with all the other children there. Even the ones they have never met before! Designate one table in the room to be the children’s play area. Cover it with drawing paper and plenty of crayons, stickers and pencils for them to draw the day away! 

Wedding Games Room
Alternatively, create a games corner or a hire an extra room from the venue and fill it with giant Jenga, Connect4, hopscotch and other childhood favourites. The best thing about this idea is that it is sure to be a hit with the adults too!
Goodie Bag Surprises
In the run up to the wedding, gather a selection of little gifts, toys and goodies which you can present to each child on the day. If you’re planning a rustic themed wedding then this children’s activity kit would be perfect to co-ordinate with the whole day! Sure to keep the little ones quiet for a few hours.

Disposable Camera Scavenger Hunt
This is a great one to keep the older kids entertained throughout the whole day. Supply each youngster, or each table with one disposable camera along with a list of key photographs they need to take. The first to get them all ticked off the list, or the one to take the funniest photos once they are developed wins! Request photos such as ‘the oldest person in the room’, 'the bride and groom kissing’, ’someone pulling the funniest face’, etc.

Balloon Drop
At the end of the evening, when the party really begins, prepare for a big balloon drop to surprise the guests. A beautiful and dramatic way to celebrate the first dance, plus all those balloons are sure to keep young and old entertained for a while! At Flingers we have a great Balloon Drop Kit which includes a balloon pump, balloon bags and fun multicoloured balloons, all for just £11.99. Alternatively, buy the Balloon Drop Bag for just £3.69 so that you can fill it with coloured balloons of your choice to coordinate with the wedding theme!
For the real wow factor, pick up a Large Ballon Drop Net which can hold up to 1300 balloons!

Now that’s a lot of balloon blowing!!

Would you love to see a Balloon Drop at a Wedding?

20 May 2014

How to Make Crepe Paper Tassels

We love a crafty little tutorial at Flingers! You guys couldn’t get enough of our earlier How to Decorate with Crepe Paper Streamers tutorial, and so we wanted to share another DIY way to use crepe paper and create party decorations or accessories for presents!
DIY Tiny Crepe Paper Tassels - Oh Happy Days Blog
This is a super simple tutorial which will only take a few minutes to complete. We think these adorable crepe paper tassels look great used to accessorise party presents or goody bags. Alternatively, thread these tassels onto a piece of cord or ribbon to make an awesome crepe paper tassel garland! Perfect for decorating a party, playroom or even just to add a bit of colour to a bedroom!

How to create Crepe Paper Tassels:
Start by taking some strips of crepe paper and fold a pile of them in half. Take a sharp scissors and make thin cuts from the rough edge straight up towards the fold. Then unfold the crepe paper, keeping all the thin strips together. Twist a bunch of these strips around as illustrated below, keeping the twists tight so that they stay in position.
Carefully fold the bunch in half and continue to twist until secure. Feel free to add a little blob of glue to secure in place in necessary. Repeat the process until you have the desired amount of super cute tiny tassels!!
Remember to use a range of different colours that co-ordinate to your party colour scheme or wrapping paper. You could even layer up a selection of different coloured crepe papers at the beginning of the tutorial to create multi-colour tassels. 

We think these are great!

Will you be trying the DIY tassel tutorial?

Images sourced: almalusplaceblog.com

15 May 2014

A Morph Suit and Some Inspiration

We’ve just taken taken stock of these super awesome Kidz Skinz and we think they rock!!
Morph suits have taken the costume industry by storm the last few months for adults. An incredibly easy costume idea, just step in, zip it up and away you go. But certain to cause a create a few giggles and a good time!

Now it’s the kids turn.

Whilst these Second Skin Suits are a brilliantly fun fancy dress in themselves, we think they are also a great basis from which to create another fancy dress costume too. Utilising the Kidz Skinz to the max!

For instance, take a blue suit, add some white shorts and hat, and you’ll instantly become a top childhood favourite. A Smurf! Easy.

Or carefully cut out some bones, pin to the black suit and turn this simple Kidz Skin into a Skeleton! Great for Halloween. Another idea for the black suit is to stick on glow in the dark stars and planets for a truly unique galaxy space costume.

With the Football World Cup just around the corner, we see lots of potential for the white suit. Get creative with to strips of red material, pin them to across the front of the suit for a improvised English flag costume. Great for the patriotic and footy mad kids out there.

The options for wearing these Kidz Skinz are endless. The more creative you are the more impressive the results! Order your Kidz Skinz costumes online now or pop in store to pick out your favourite colour in person.

What other ideas do you have for customising a morph suit?

13 May 2014

Football World Cup Countdown

The countdown to the Football World Cup has officially begun! With just 30 days to until the 2014 World Cup kicks off in Brazil, we're noticing football fever is beginning to grip the nation.

Do you know who you will be supporting? The odds on favourite at the minute are Brazil, the host team. But the wonderful thing about football is that it can be anyone's game. All it takes is one lucky goal to swap the fortunes of any team!

Whether you are supporting Brazil, or England, or Portugal, get some patriotic decorations at Flingers Party Shop to show your support. We have a wide range of flags, bunting and even balloons featuring the flags of many nations including England, Spain, Germany and more. So show your team some support this June when the Fifa World Cup kicks off and decorate your homes, offices, bars, businesses and even your cars!
Multi Nation Bunting - Available now at Flingers
But if you’re struggling to know which country to follow during the World Cup then maybe our Multi Nation Bunting is just what you need.

Remember you can order you Football World Cup decorations online, with delivery starting from just £1.40. Order now and it will be with you in plenty of time you get you in a football fever! Otherwise, pop in and see us at 73-75 Gloucester Road, Bristol to browse our range of football party essentials in store.

Who will you be backing in the FIFA World Cup?

8 May 2014

Eurovision Party Tips

Prepare for a weekend of cheesy Euro pop, Eurovision is upon us! This weekend sees the 59th Eurovision Song Contest being held in wonderful Copenhagen. Eurovision is the perfect excuse for a good old fashioned party, inviting all your friends around for food, party games and bad dancing!
Waterloo Costume

No Eurovision party is complete without some fabulous fancy dress, and we think our ABBA costumes are perfect to bring out your inner dancing queen! Browse our range of fancy dress costumes online, as well as some Eurovision decorations and plenty of tableware if your planning a party with snacks.

Snacks are in fact key! It is a long night in, so prepare a creative feast of yummy snacks to keep your guests up on their feet dancing the night away. Why not theme your buffet to suit your favourite Eurovision countries? For instance, some delicious bratwurst for Germany, meatballs for Sweden, tapas for Spain and pork pies for Great Britain! The options are endless.

How about a little sweepstake to keep your guests entertained until the very end? We've discovered this great sweepstake score board you can download from the BBC website. Write the name of each country in the competition down on a slip of paper and get your guests to draw a name out of a hat one by one. If you charge a little fee to enter, then the guest who draws the winning country gets to keep the bounty, or wins a little party prize!
2014 Eurovision Sweepstake - BBC
We think this is a great idea for a Eurovison party game. If you are only inviting over a handful of your closest friends, maximise your chances of winning by entering the sweepstake multiple times until all the countries are taken up!

Will you be holding an Eurovision sweep stake?

6 May 2014


Did you know that the Eurovision Song Contest takes place this weekend?

With lots of curiosity surrounding the UK’s latest Eurovision offering, we’re starting to get excited! Little known Molly Smitten-Downes has UK Eurovision fans hoping for a win. At Flingers we love any excuse to throw a party and Eurovision is a great one!

A night full of glitz and glamour, each year Eurovision delivers a healthy dose of flamboyant fun for people of all ages to enjoy. We love to embrace the cheesy Euro pop and colourful characters which make up the song contest each and every year.

No Eurovision party is complete without some fabulous fancy dress and costumes to get you into the party spirit. And who better to dress up as for such a party than Eurovision Royalty! Agnetha, Bjørn, Benny and Frida. Otherwise known as ABBA. Channel your inner Dancing Queen with our awesome Eurovision fancy dress!
Blonde 1970s Wig   |   Dancing Queen Fancy Dress   |   Brown 1970s Wig
As well as some awesome Eurovision costumes, which are sure to get a few giggles, we also have plenty of Eurovision party decorations including flag bunting to show your support for your home country. So lets hope for lots of points and lots of Eurovision fun!

All of this and more is available online now or in store at 73-75 Gloucester Road. With delivery starting from just £1.40, order now to get your Eurovision party supplies in time!

Will you be watching the Eurovision Song Contest this year?

2 May 2014

Baby Shower Party Games

Are you about to celebrate the Stork dropping off a special baby-shaped surprise for you, a close friend or family member?

If so, we expect you are looking to plan a truly grand baby shower with oodles of fun times and great memories for the Mum-To-Be. Well at Flingers we are here to help!

We have lined up some of our favourite baby shower games for you to get inspired to entertain and involve all your baby shower guests. The best thing about these games is just how simple they are, but we’re sure they will be tons of fun once they get underway.

Don’t Say ‘BABY’
Possibly the most simple baby shower game of all, it is a great game that everyone can get involved with! The premise of the game is that at the beginning of the baby shower, everyone attending must pin 5 pink clothing pegs onto themselves. Throughout the day, should anyone utter the word banned word, ‘baby’, the nearest person must call them out and grab one of their pegs. We know how tricky is must be not to say the word ‘baby’ at a baby shower, but that is what makes this game so fun! The person at the end of the day who has the most pegs on their person wins!

Guess the Due Date
This is another simple baby shower game which can involve everyone at the party. Simply ask all the guests, friends and family members to guess what day the baby will arrive on and they can win a little prize if they guess correctly! Mark their name on the chosen day with a stamp, or a even a piece of baby themed confetti. The prettier the calendar, the prettier it will be hanging up on your wall until the baby arrives and the winner is announced!

Secrets Revealed
Secrets Revealed -Baby Shower Party Game
A fun trivia game for all to get involved with at the baby shower. Guests write down their answers to the questions on the trivia cards which come from 5 different categories ranging from topics such as ‘The Dad’, ‘The Birth’ and ‘The Conception’! Then, the Mum-To-Be faces all the questions, revealing her answers and we’re sure revealing a few secrets along the way! The person who gets the most answers right, wins the game.

Best of all, this fun baby shower game is available for just £2.99!

Baby Shower Party Game Book
Tiny Bundle Party Game Book
If you are looking for more fun baby shower party gamea, we can throughly recommend The Tiny Bundle Party Game Book. Available now at Flingers for only £1.99, it is full of great party game ideas to entertain guests at your baby shower.

Don’t forget, if you need any other baby shower inspiration, party decoration, games, tableware, invitations and more, head over to Flinger to browse our extensive range of Baby Shower party essentials!

Are you planning a Baby Shower soon?