26 June 2015

Mini Festival Party

We're sure you have noticed that Glastonbury is taking place this weekend. If you are wishing that you could be there, then why not put together you own version of Glastonbury instead?

Throw together your own mini-festival inspired party, invite your friends over, pop some music on (you could even listen directly to Glastonbury!) and get into the festival spirit from the comfort of your own home. It means no mud, access to showers and you get to sleep in your own bed at night! Win!

So why not go DIY! It is all about creating a fantastical setting, hang bunting, tassel garlands pom poms, lanterns, crepe streamers and fairy lights from the trees. Add a touch of festival luxury with lots of throws, blankets and cushions to laze on. Enjoy lots of great food, music, and when the sun sets, it's time to bring out the glow sticks and sparklers to keep the festival spirit going.

Will you be throwing your own mini-Glastonbury this weekend?

24 June 2015

The Most Impressive Unicorn Cookies

Following on from our new found love for all things Unicorn thanks to our newest range of magical unicorn inspired partyware, we had to share this incredible tutorial to make this incredible Unicorn biscuits.

Linda over on Bubble and Sweet has managed to make magical biscuits which look more like ornaments rather than edible treats. Even down to the golden horn! But don't be put off by their intricate detail and flowing mane! Check out the tutorial and you can see how simple they are to make!
All you need is a Unicorn cookie cutter, fondant icing, food colouring and some creativity.

A heard of these would be the perfect finishing touch to any Unicorn inspired party - sure to impress all your guests!

Will you be trying out these impressive Unicorn cookies?

19 June 2015

Festival Facepaint

Festival season is under way and Glastonbury is only a matter of days away. Get into the Glastonbury spirit by adding a burst of extra colour and sparkle to your festival adventure with the simple addition of some extravagant make up, face paint or even a bold new hair colour!

Committing to a permanent colourful dye job, might look great in the fields of Worthy Farm, but might not go down so well with your boss when you return to work! So temporarily brighten up your locks with some Coloured Hair Spray.

Or perhaps you want to add a bit of sparkle to your weekend? Glitter face paints are always popular at festivals. Good for brightening up your look and helping to disguise any dark circles under the eyes after a poor night's sleep!

Make up sticks are perfect for getting a little more creative with your festival face paint. Take a look over these Festival Face Painting ideas and follow the tutorial to create you own floral face paint designs! (Always remember to do a quick allergy test before you use any of the sprays, make ups or face paint gel just in case you are allergic.)
UV Neon Make Up Sticks   |   Glitter Make Up Gels   |   UV Party Paint   |   Coloured Hairspray
With Glastonbury just around the corner, be sure to stock up quickly!

Are you looking to brighten up your festival looks?

17 June 2015

Unicorn Party

Now, growing up, who didn't like the mystical and fantastical unicorn! Take a little imagination, throw in some fun, a sprinkle of magic and all things pretty - the unicorn should be a symbol of all our childhoods!

We're so excited by our newest range of party tableware celebrating all things unicorn! Perfect for a child's party of even a quirky adults birthday party too! Why not plan a whimsical party all themed with around this mythical creature for an upcoming event which is sure to be nothing but magical.
Unicorn Plastic Tablecover   |   Fantasy Paper Plates   |   Paper Party Cups   |   Unicorn Party Bags
From unicorn themed table covers, to the tableware to the party bags! We've got you covered for this party theme at Flingers. You could even employ the services of a Unicorn Piñata - which will certainly go down a treat at any child's birthday party! Or if you fancy baking up some treats, then a Unicorn Cookie Cutter is all you keen to make appropriately themed biscuits!
Unicorn Cookie Cutter   |   Unicorn Piñata

Grab all this and the rest of your party essentials online or instore at Flingers now for the best fantasy party around!

Will you be planning a unicorn themed party any time soon?

12 June 2015

Rainbow Party Inspiration

We're brightening up our weekend with some super colourful party inspiration! Rainbow parties are the stuff of childhood dreams! Colourful cakes, bold decorations and multicolour snacks.

We love the idea of creating a rainbow feature wall to convey this colourful party theme. Taking inspirtion from these multi colour pinterest party ideas, your party feature doesn't have to be anything too extravigant or expensive! Use paper fans, streamers, crepe tassel garlands in all the colours of the rainbow! Or if you are feeling a bit more creative, make your very own rainbow balloon arch! Qualatex Quick Link Balloons are perfect for this!

We have party decorations, tableware, and balloons (including Quick Link Balloons) in every colour of the rainbow. You can even shop by your favourite colour of the rainbow! So head over to Flingers to pick out all your rainbow party essentials!
Shop online with delivery starting from just £1.40 or head in store to browse our whole party range in person!

Do you think a rainbow party theme would be great fun?

10 June 2015

Top Fancy Dress Festivals

Festival season is upon us, and for those of you out there who are big fancy dress fans, there are some key festivals you need to put on your calender for 2015. We've picked out some of our favoruite festivals for this summer - the ones who seriously know how to do fancy dress!

City Districts
13th -16th Aug
Well, what can we say about Boomtown. A fully interactive, theatrical, wonderland of imagination! The festival is split into various districts, each with a distinctive character, back story and individual vibe. Which district will you be a resident of this year?

Standon Calling
Two Faced - Gold Rush Town
31st July - 2nd Aug
This theme is a bit more complex, but we're definitely interested to see how it pans out! With a wild west theme in the daytime - think yee-ha cowboys and good time saloon girls. But after dark, that's when you can bring out your wildest and wackiest sides. Crazy characters of cyborgs, zombies, aliens - anything your crazy heart desires!

Kendal Calling 
Through the Decades
30th July - 2nd Aug
Celebrating 10 birthday, Kendal Calling is asking all its festival-goes to travel through time and explore their favourite decade. Bring out your inner Charleston girl, or your inner punk rocker, or even return to your childhood and channel those 90s vibes!

Summer of Love
10th - 13th Sept
The mecca of all festivals for fancy dress fans. This year round up the summer with some feel-good vibes, peace and loving. Bestival festival-goes know how to pull out all the stops!

Will you be heading to any of these festivals this summer?

5 June 2015

Glazed Strawberry BBQ Skewers | Recipe

We're all set to bask in glorious sunshine this weekend. And that can only mean one thing - barbecues! And after spotting this mouthwateringly sweet BBQ recipe from Tiffany over on www.lecremedelacrumb.com, we can't wait.

These Glazed Strawberry Skewers are perfect for a simple yet BBQ friendly desert that everyone can enjoy after filling up with all the more traditional BBQ food. Refreshing, healthy yet sweet! Perfect for getting the kids to enjoy one of their five a day after an afternoon of burgers and hot dogs.

Did we mention the Cream Cheese Glaze for dipping? Yum!
You can get the recipe for these fruity skewers at lecremedelacrumb.com, and find out how to make your own cream cheese dipping sauce too.

It's such a surprisingly simple recipe that we already know we will be making lots of these fruity desert skewers this summer!

Are you planning a BBQ this weekend?

3 June 2015

Hen Party Games

With wedding season, comes hen party season. When all the ladies can really let their hair down and give the Bride To Be a night to remember!

It's a time for plenty of laughs, giggles and a few games to bond everyone together. Often at hen parties, the Bride invites people from all the different parts of her life. Meaning some guests at the hen party may have never met before, so breaking the ice is  key to a successful hen do!

We've stocked up on some great new party games to get your hen do under way. From the subtle 'Pin the Cucumber on the Hunk' to a Hen Party friendly game of Wacka Mole aka 'Hit the Bum' to an old fashioned game of 'Willy Hoopla'!! Throw in some pink whistles and put on some old fashioned sports day races for the more adventurous Bride To Be's. And include a pair of sparkly pink handcuffs for the loser - well it is a hen party after all!

Check out our Hen Party games below and get planning your hen do adventures!

1. Pin The Cucumber on the Hunk
2. Hit the Bum
3. Pink Sports Whistles
4. Scratch a Dare
5. Hunk Puzzle Cube
6. Pink Sparkling Handcuffs

Order all this online or pop in store to pick up your hen party essentials. Don't forget to stock up on all the rest too - from Hen Party balloons, confetti, fancy dress and sashes!

Are you going on a Hen Party this year?