25 February 2016

World Book Day Bakes

When World Book Day comes around next Thursday, there will be a whole host of activities, events and parties taking place around the UK with lots of brilliant costumes too. But we all know that a cake stand is essential at school events or parties! So why not incorporate the World Book Day theme into some tasty bakes. We certainly think this will be a much appreciated way to share your passion for you favourite book with others!

We've rounded up 5 of our favourite cupcake tutorials and biscuit recipes that capture some of the most popular children's book themes around. Get inspired to get creative with your World Book Day treats.

23 February 2016

Top World Book Day Costumes 2016

World Book Day 2016
World Book Day is just around the corner. A day for both kids and adults to share their favourite books and get lost in the adventures of their imagination. On Thursday 3rd March, there will be schools, libraries, book stores and many more places putting on events to celebrate reading. Many schools will invite their students to get involved by dressing up as their favourite literary characters.

Now we know choosing just one character from one favourite book can be a tricky decision! So we've put together the top 6 ideas for fancy dress to get you inspired for World Book Day next week.

19 February 2016

How to Ice Butterfly Biscuits

 Are you looking for a weekend bake project? Well, we think we may have just found the perfect baking challenge to keep us occupied this weekend.

These beautifully iced butterfly biscuits are the handiwork of food blogger Haniela. A blogger and vlogger who puts together some seriously impressive tutorials, showing viewers how to create  amazing cakes, biscuits and other bakes. Haniela can certainly teach us all a trick or two.

But whilst these colourful iced butterfly cookies look almost too good to eat... the secret to icing these intricate designs is much much simpler than you think! Best of all, you can make your own iced butterfly biscuits in whatever colours you want. Perfect to co-odinate to a beautiful spring party you may be planning!

17 February 2016

Spring Yellows

With the sun still up as we're making our away home from work, it certainly feels like Spring us just around the corner. We're so keen to embrace the brighter colours of Spring, and forget about the grey cold months of Winter!

Pastels are so often associated with Spring time parties, but yellow is the true colour of this time of year. From striking yellow daffodils for St David's Day, to cute Eater chicks - this is a colour that will be all around in the weeks to come.

12 February 2016

DIY Valentine Heart Steamers

Planning to decorate this Valentines day? We've been busy making DIY heart garlands using rich red crepe streamers ready for this Sunday. They're very simple to make and are perfect for hanging up and adding a little bit of romance to your home.

Read on to discover how to make your own DIY heart streamers. Make your Valentine garlands as long as you like, and in as many colours as you like. Use a small piece of blue tac to attach the DIY garland to a wall, or drape from a piece of string with curled ribbons to create a lovely hanging curtain of creative hearts!

7 February 2016

Valentine Balloon Cluster

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, are you ready to surprise your loved one? Make sure your Valentine spends Sunday the 14th February surrounded by love, with a cluster of romantic balloons.

From love hearts, to inflatable roses, to adorable Valentine bear balloons. There are lots of balloons to tell your loved one Happy Valentine's Day and make them smile.

4 February 2016

DIY Chinese New Year Fortune Cookies

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, we've been making these super cute paper fortune cookies ready to give out to friends. They are very simple to make, and you can full them with your very own surprise messages for friends.

Fill your DIY fortune cookies with messages of luck, best wishes and new year greetings. Or, make them more personal and fill them with funny fortune predictions for the year to come.