28 May 2015

Free Wedding Photo Booth Props

Photo booths full of funny and quirky props are a very popular addition at weddings these days. It's a great way to capture informal snaps of all your guest as the night progresses.

Everyone loves pulling some poses in a party photo booth, so it is a sure fire way to make sure you get a snap of each and every guest at the big day. Without having to chase down the stragglers!

Have you thought about making your very own? It's simple enough to do! We've even helped you along with a free download of some wedding perfect props you can customise and put together at home.

How to make your Photobooth DIY Props:
  1. Print our DIY Wedding Photo Props out onto A4 paper.
  2. Mount each prop onto some cardboard or foam using some spray adhesive. 
  3. Carefully cut out each prop and shape using a sharp scissors. 
  4. Attach a short stick to each prop to allow them to be handled easily.
  5. Plan you backdrop - Hanging shimmery curtains or crepe streamers work as simple but effective backgrounds.
  6. Bring on the big day!

Download our Wedding Prop Box Templates for free and get creating your very own DIY wedding day photo booth!

Do you like to pose in the photo booth at parties?

22 May 2015

Balloon Ice Bombs

Planning to take advance of the warm weather this Bank Holiday? Perhaps you're thinking to crack out the BBQ, have some friends over in the garden, and keep cool with some ice cold beverages?

Keeping drinks chilled in the warmer weather is one of the biggest obstacles when you are planning a BBQ or garden party. Luke warm soft drinks are a complete party faux par! But some DIY balloon ice bombs could be your solution!

All you need, are some colourful balloons, fill them with water and then leave overnight in the freezer. On the day of your party, you can create a quirky and alternative ice cold drinks bath using your balloon ice packs. They will take quite a long time to defrost (especially if you really pack them in!), so you have little worry of your drinks getting warm.

Using balloons as quirky ice chillers are also handy as a more colourful and fun replacement for generic ice packs if you are popping to the beach or the park this weekend for a picnic! Best of all, they leave very little mess as they won't leak water everywhere. Plus, if you are careful, you can re-use them again for the next party!

And all you need are some balloons, water and a freezer. Simple!

Will you be keeping chill with some balloon ice bombs this weekend?

20 May 2015

Bunting Season

It is the season for bunting! There is something about seeing pennants of bunting, flapping in the breeze on a sunny day that brings back memories of great times with friends and family. From festivals, to weddings, to BBQs and garden parties.

Bunting is the staple of a British celebration in so many ways. Its appeal stemming from its interchangeable nature and its diversity. Bunting can come in wide array of materials, a range of patterns and in every colour of the rainbow!

Flingers Party Shop - Bunting Season
From patriotic bunting, to strings of chequered racing flags, to polka dot pennants - there is a whole lot of bunting available at Flingers Party Shop this summer.

Whether you are planning an intimate garden party for the children one sunny afternoon, celebrating a big birthday with a barn dance, or putting the finishing touches to your wedding day. Grab your strings of bunting at Flingers, either online or in store and make your summer a beautifully bunting-ful one!

Do you think bunting is the perfect Summer party decoration?

15 May 2015

High Shine

Sometimes the most effective party themes can be the most simple to create. Take one bold colour, and base the whole of your party's decorations and tableware around this one colour tone.

Silver is a great colour that works well for this and it perfect for a wide range of events, adding a sophisticated tone to your party decorations. Add a metallic sheen to your silver décor for extra style!

For all the small details, and the big finishes - make it silver. From table covers, to silver Champagne Flutes. Use Metallic Orb Balloons for a grand effect and add some texture with crepe streamer trails or even make your own DIY silver tassel garland!

Silver Latex Balloons  |  Paper Cups  |  Paper Plates  |  Silver Cutlery  |  Silver Crepe Streamers  |  Metallic Orbz Balloon
Grab all this and much more silver coloured party essentials to create your own metallic theme party. Shop in store or online, with delivery starting from just £1.40!

Do you think silver is a party theme you would use?

13 May 2015

Sunflower Cupcakes | Tutorial

The glorious sunshine has us wanting to brighten up our week. And what could be better for that than some vibrant Sunflower Cupcakes!

There are lots of variations of the sunflower cupcake idea online, but we think that this one from Zoe Clark, Elegant Lace Cakes is one of the best! Zoe makes it look so simple! You can even check out this straight forward YouTube tutorial over on Craftsy to follow her tutorial step by step in order to create your very own little sunshine treats!

Get the recipe for all the ingredients you'll need over on craftsy.com as well as some top tips on making your sunflower cupcakes as bright and summery as possible!

Will you be making these sunflower cupcakes?

8 May 2015

Confetti Party Inspiration

Who doesn't love a bit of confetti! We think a confetti inspired party is a fun and quirky theme that works well in a stylish and sophisticated way. Making is a great party theme for kids and adults!

We've been souring pinterest for some of the best confetti party inspiration we could find, and have a new found love for paper confetti garlands! As ever, the best way to make this (and any sophisticated) party theme work, is remembering to think about the finer details.

From spotty cutlery, to the party bags, and even to the food. Colourful party nibbles full of colour and 100s & 1000s sprikles (our childhood favourite!) are essential touches to bring this whole theme together.

Go dotty for this confetti theme and pick up all your spotty party essentials online or in store at Flingers Party Shop now. 

Do you love this colourful confetti theme as much as we do?

6 May 2015

Princess Party Time

With a new Royal Princess in our midst, we wanted to pay tribute to all the Princesses out there who also deserve the best princess party around! Always a great theme to make the birthday guest feel all the more special, it has been a classic party theme for decades.

All things pink, colourful and sparkly are perfect for a princess themed kids party! At Flingers we have got the lot. From bling royal rings to tiara confetti, and from Disney princess balloons to fancy dress. You can plan the princess party to end all other princess parties with us.
Disney Princess Orbz   |   Glitter Tiaras   |   Princess Paper Plates, Napkins & Party Bags   |   Pink Castle Piñata
Check out our huge Princess party range online now. Including our awesome Pink Castle Piñata... what more could any birthday princess want?

Don't forget you can also use our free Click and Collect service, to pick up your princess goodies in store at Flingers on Glouctesrer Road, Bristol.

Who else wants their own Princess Party?