9 August 2013

We've got Bieber Fever

We admit it, we love The Biebs!

You’re never too old for a pop star crush and we’re no different. Right now, the man of our affections is king of the teens, Justin Bieber. From concerts filled with screaming tween girls (we’ll ignore the fact he was super late) to the fact he once had a pet monkey just like his idol Michael Jackson, it seems The Biebs can do no wrong for his young fans.

Can you imagine getting a personal visit from the man himself? Or waking up next to Justin Bieber every single morning? Here at Flingers Party Shop, we want to make all your dreams come true. Whilst we can’t promise a proposal from Justin Bieber, we can promise that you can have him all to yourself in your bedroom every single night!

Sound to good to be true? We’re being serious! We have a gorgeous selection of three Justin Bieber cardboard cut-outs available on our website. Which will you go for? Sexy Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber playing his guitar? Or how about Justin Bieber looking super stylish in his gold trainers? Whichever you pick, we’re sure he’ll be a welcome addition to any home.

Can’t make up your mind on which Justin to take home? Why not purchase all three and have one in a different room of the house? That way, Justin will never leave you side!