20 May 2015

Bunting Season

It is the season for bunting! There is something about seeing pennants of bunting, flapping in the breeze on a sunny day that brings back memories of great times with friends and family. From festivals, to weddings, to BBQs and garden parties.

Bunting is the staple of a British celebration in so many ways. Its appeal stemming from its interchangeable nature and its diversity. Bunting can come in wide array of materials, a range of patterns and in every colour of the rainbow!

Flingers Party Shop - Bunting Season
From patriotic bunting, to strings of chequered racing flags, to polka dot pennants - there is a whole lot of bunting available at Flingers Party Shop this summer.

Whether you are planning an intimate garden party for the children one sunny afternoon, celebrating a big birthday with a barn dance, or putting the finishing touches to your wedding day. Grab your strings of bunting at Flingers, either online or in store and make your summer a beautifully bunting-ful one!

Do you think bunting is the perfect Summer party decoration?