4 December 2013

Christmas Reindeer Face Paint Tutorial

We love all the endless possibilities for dressing up at Christmas time. Sometimes the simplest costumes can be the most effective!

At Flingers Party Shop, we are big fans of this adorable deer face paint idea and think that with a few tweaks it would be perfect for all your Christmas fancy dress parties this season! 

Below are the easy steps to create this festive reindeer look yourself. Don't forget, Flingers has a fantastic range of face paints so you will be sure to find all the colours needed to create this look online and in store.

Tutorial | Reindeer Face Paint

1. Using a light brown face paint, create a nice even base colour over the forehead, eyebrows, nose and cheeks. Fade the colour out as it gets towards the jaw line.

2. Using a brush and some white face paint, begin to draw the outline of the eye area. Use a sweeping curve to follow the natural arch of your eyebrow. Continue the outline down either side of the nose in the shape of tear ducts. Make sure these are even and as symmetrical as possible!

3. Fill in the this outline with the rest of the white face paint as evenly as possible.

4. With a slightly darker brown face paint than used at the start, add some more colour to the bridge of the nose. Following the curve of the white eye line up the bridge of the nose and across the eyebrows. 

5. Take a small amount of black face paint and apply over the base of the nose. But to make this super cute Christmas Rudolf the Reindeer, we think you should use red instead! 

6. Using a clean brush or sponge. Draw a border along the top of the red (or black) nose tip. Then, with the same clean brush, add some adorable dots to the cheeks too.

7. Finally, using an eye liner pencil, draw bold sweeping lines to frame the eye. Drag the line down to imitate the tear ducts on the inner side of the eyes and sweep up and out at the other end. Add a little rosy colour to the lips and your reindeer face paint is complete!

All you need now to complete the look is some antlers! Flingers has a great range of Christmas fancy dress accessories including the perfect reindeer antlers for this look. 

Stag Horns     |     Reindeer Antler     |     Reindeer Set

We think this look would be amazing for a big group or a school play. Why not pick up our set of 8 reindeer headbands, each named after Santa's all important reindeers and get everyone involved! 
We can't wait to try out this look. Let us know how you get on!