7 May 2013

Spring Party Essentials

If you are thinking of doing something this Spring, plan your colour theme from the start. It'll help bring everything together and feel really organised. A strong colour theme with definitely impress friends and family too and it isn't hard! 

For this time of the year, when the sun is out a little and we are starting to get excited about summer, we recommend going for a pastel colour palette. It's colourful but not like the bright colours we plan to bring out actually in the summer. 

Take inspiration from our Spring party essentials colour palette: 

Don't be afraid to mix up all these pastel colours, that's what makes this theme so exciting and invigorating. Whether you're holding a dinner party in your garden or a birthday party in the village hall - take on some colour for your event! 

Once you have something in mind, get shopping. We have a great easy to use section on our website especially for shopping by a certain colour which will help you quickly find some pastel pink cutlery or polka dot bunting.

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