3 June 2015

Hen Party Games

With wedding season, comes hen party season. When all the ladies can really let their hair down and give the Bride To Be a night to remember!

It's a time for plenty of laughs, giggles and a few games to bond everyone together. Often at hen parties, the Bride invites people from all the different parts of her life. Meaning some guests at the hen party may have never met before, so breaking the ice is  key to a successful hen do!

We've stocked up on some great new party games to get your hen do under way. From the subtle 'Pin the Cucumber on the Hunk' to a Hen Party friendly game of Wacka Mole aka 'Hit the Bum' to an old fashioned game of 'Willy Hoopla'!! Throw in some pink whistles and put on some old fashioned sports day races for the more adventurous Bride To Be's. And include a pair of sparkly pink handcuffs for the loser - well it is a hen party after all!

Check out our Hen Party games below and get planning your hen do adventures!

1. Pin The Cucumber on the Hunk
2. Hit the Bum
3. Pink Sports Whistles
4. Scratch a Dare
5. Hunk Puzzle Cube
6. Pink Sparkling Handcuffs

Order all this online or pop in store to pick up your hen party essentials. Don't forget to stock up on all the rest too - from Hen Party balloons, confetti, fancy dress and sashes!

Are you going on a Hen Party this year?