10 June 2015

Top Fancy Dress Festivals

Festival season is upon us, and for those of you out there who are big fancy dress fans, there are some key festivals you need to put on your calender for 2015. We've picked out some of our favoruite festivals for this summer - the ones who seriously know how to do fancy dress!

City Districts
13th -16th Aug
Well, what can we say about Boomtown. A fully interactive, theatrical, wonderland of imagination! The festival is split into various districts, each with a distinctive character, back story and individual vibe. Which district will you be a resident of this year?

Standon Calling
Two Faced - Gold Rush Town
31st July - 2nd Aug
This theme is a bit more complex, but we're definitely interested to see how it pans out! With a wild west theme in the daytime - think yee-ha cowboys and good time saloon girls. But after dark, that's when you can bring out your wildest and wackiest sides. Crazy characters of cyborgs, zombies, aliens - anything your crazy heart desires!

Kendal Calling 
Through the Decades
30th July - 2nd Aug
Celebrating 10 birthday, Kendal Calling is asking all its festival-goes to travel through time and explore their favourite decade. Bring out your inner Charleston girl, or your inner punk rocker, or even return to your childhood and channel those 90s vibes!

Summer of Love
10th - 13th Sept
The mecca of all festivals for fancy dress fans. This year round up the summer with some feel-good vibes, peace and loving. Bestival festival-goes know how to pull out all the stops!

Will you be heading to any of these festivals this summer?