19 February 2013

Top 10 Children's Party Themes

Sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration and so we thought we'd put together some of our favourite children's party ideas. It's difficult to narrow it down to just 10, so keep an eye out and we will do it again in the future. 

Number 1. 

The Classic Princess Party

Whilst it may seem too obvious or cliche to go for the classic 'Princess' party, go for it properly and make this a party to remember. Don't choose items that simply say 'Princess' on them, think of the small details like pink pompom decorations, heart balloons, glitter confetti, soft pink banquet rolls etc. Keep it classy and make a princess banquet to match with delicate cupcakes and Prince Charming biscuits. This will keep any little girl VERY happy! Click the picture to find more photographs from this party. CLICK HERE to shop now for Princess theme products.

Number 2.

The Mad Scientist Party
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Styling and photography: Crissy's Crafts
A 'Mad Scientist' party is perfect for kids who like to get messy and work out the science behind a slimy frog. Click on the picture for a great link for further inspiration and even the opportunity to buy the print outs to make your own invites. Green and blue are great science colours but why not pick your child's favourite colours? Use food colouring to colour theme your food and drink. CLICK HERE to shop for colour themed products.

Number 3. 

The Dinosaur Party

Who said dinosaurs are just for boys? Click on the picture to view a slightly girly dinosaur themed party. We love the softer colours and bunting combined with the 'scary' dinosaurs! The link also offers some ideas for party games such as a 'Dino Egg Hunt'. Don't be put off by it being slightly girly, there's ideas for either sex. CLICK HERE to buy Dinosaur themed products.

Number 4. 

The Digger Party

This birthday theme offers an alternative way of serving food. Adults and children will smile as the nibbles are served up in the back of a big yellow truck whilst a digger is tucking into the bowl of sweets. Click the picture to see more inspiration for this theme such as providing named plastic yellow work helmets for all the children to wear. CLICK HERE to shop for yellow themed party products!

Number 5. 

The Farmyard Party

Get inspired by the outdoors and try a farmyard style birthday party for your child. We love the cow print balloons and food served up in little flower pots. The touch of the small hay bales and wheelbarrow actually on the table is not too over the top and really gives the party a farmyard vibe. Click on the picture to see close up images of the food. Are you inspired to paint your own backdrop too? It gives a lovely personal touch. CLICK HERE for our barnyard theme products.

Number 6. 
The Watercolour Party

Children love to get creative so why not make that the theme? Click the picture to view a girl's 5th birthday party with the theme of watercolours. All the decorations have been painted and the children are all provided with their own paper, paints and brushes. All the children will be able to take home their painting and remember the party in the future.

Number 7.
The Pirate Party

Click on the picture to see an extremely extravagent Pirate Party theme. Don't be put off though, take inspiration! Pirate parties are quite a common theme but think about the textures that feature in these pictures and you'll be able to build something particularly special. Make your own labels for drinks bottles, paint on old pieces of cloth and have fancy dress and props in a treasure chest. Hopefully we will have some sunshine this year so we can hold parties outside as this looks perfect. CLICK HERE to shop for loads of pirate party products.

Number 8. 

The Rainbow Party

A Rainbow Party is great for boys or girls and is really easy to do effectively. It's all about big, bold colours. Think spots, stripes and block colours in a mixture of colours. Match food with all your accessories, food colouring is key here! We like the use of the white tablecloth to keep the table area not too blinding. Click the picture for more inspiration regarding good bags, food, use of paper lanterns etc. We LOVE this bright and easy theme. CLICK HERE to shop for colour themed products.

Number 9.
The Monster Party

With the follow on film from Monsters Inc, Monsters University, coming to our cinemas later on this year, monster parties are going to be really popular. Making some cardboard eyes on sticks and adding them to cakes and bowls of food is such an easy method to making impact with this theme. Click on the picture to see how someone else has done it. We particularly like their colourful cupcakes with stringy icing hair. 

Number 10.
The Lego Party

Who doesn't love building something out of Lego! Use it as a party theme for your child by decorating the cake with a Lego man's head and serving up Lego shaped food using Lego itself as a mould. Of course have lots of Lego around so the children can all get creative and build something to take away. Click on the picture to see a fantastic album of photos from this party and get ideas of how to make really different 'goody bag' for the children to take away. 

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