15 October 2015

DIY Halloween Prop Box

Our series of downloadable photo booth props have proven to be a hit with all you party planners out there, so we've put together a special Halloween Prop Box ready to download ahead of whatever Halloween plans you are putting together.

Full of scary pumpkin masks, ghoulish skulls, bats, spooky speech bubbles and more! Download our DIY Halloween Prop Box and follow the simple instructions to create your very own party photo booth. Complete your photo booth with a fitting backdrop. Hanging crepe streamers work as a simple but effective background, or put up a ghoulish scene setter for the full Halloween effect.
Halloween Scene Setters - Perfect for Photo Booth Backdrops
How to make your Halloween Photo Booth Props:
  1. Download and print our spooky photo props onto A4 paper or card.
  2. Mount each prop onto cardboard or foamboard using spray adhesive.
  3. Carefully cut out each prop and shape using sharp scissors. Reinforce any slim or fiddly sections (the spider’s legs!) with extra card or secure blunt cocktail sticks to the rear.
  4. Attach a short stick to each prop to allow them to be handled easily. A glue gun works best!
  5. Bring on the big night!
Trick or Treat Props
Don't have the time to create your own DIY Props?

Grab a ready made set of spooky props to keep your photo booth stocked this Halloween! Order these Trick or Treat Photobooth set online or stop by in store to pick up

Will you be trying out a Halloween photo booth this year?