22 October 2016

Spooky Party Game Fun

Halloween is just around the corner! Are you are looking for a few games to keep the kiddies occupied this Halloween?

Well we've picked out some of our favourite simple games that we know will add some spooky fun to any party. From group games, to free printable to sweet yet ghoulish DIYs. There is something to suit every party!

Bobbing for Apples
This one is a party classic at this time of year. Giving the kids an excuse to get stuck in and splash around without drenching themselves or the carpet!

Halloween Bingo Printable
This fun free  print out will keep the kids quiet for 15 minutes, with the promise of winning a small toy, extra sweets or even a trophy! Download it here.

Mummy Bowling
This DIY party game is as fun as it is cute. Follow the tutorial to make your own mummy bowling pins and then let the games commence!

Spider Racing
A super simple game that will keep those competitive ones playing until they are all puffed out! All you need are colourful straws, plastic spiders and a race track. Get all the tips for this game here.

Witches Bat Stew
Another simple game you can create at home. Who can collect the most bats in their mini witches cauldron? To find out you need bowls, paper, scissors, straws and the rules.

Glow Worm Ring Toss
Take advantage of the darker evenings by setting up this glow stick ring toss game outside.

Guess the Ghost
A game that the whole group can play together sitting in a circle on the floor. Can the ghost guess who it has can caught just from the sound of their wail? Get the rules here.

Will you be trying out any of these party games this Halloween?