4 July 2013

Balloon Clusters - Your Q & A's!

10% Off All Balloon Clusters Booked in July! You'll have to come in our shop to make the most of this fantastic offer. Just mention the offer when ordering.
Balloon Bouquet Balloon Cluster
You could have this actual cluster made!
But, what exactly is a balloon cluster? Here's some of your questions with answers from our experienced balloon staff. 

What is a balloon cluster?
Two or more helium filled balloons arranged and attached to a weight with ribbon. We will professionally arrange the balloons along your theme or requested style.

How much is a balloon cluster? 
Prices vary depending on your choice of balloons and how many balloons but a cluster of two balloons normally starts at £5.40. Don’t forget to minus your 10% discount from this during July!

Why would I want a balloon cluster? 
Balloon clusters are fantastic for all events and celebrations. Whether you are just decorating the living room for a family' member's birthday or kitting out a whole hall for a school prom, balloon clusters transform the space and turns it into a party! As it is now wedding season, this offer is perfect for those of you looking to decorate the wedding reception on the big day. If you are decorating a large space with several tables, we recommend placing a cluster on every table as a centrepiece.

What balloons can I have in a cluster? 
You can have any balloons in your cluster! Foil, latex and bubbles all look great in a cluster. Browse our huge range of balloons on our website: www.flingerspartyshop.co.uk/balloons

How far in advance can I collect my balloons? 
If you’ve only got foil balloons in your cluster, you can collect your balloons days in advance. If you’ve chosen to have latex balloons in your cluster you’ll either need to collect the cluster on the day of the event or pay to have ‘Hi-Float’ added to them.  What is ‘Hi-Float’? We think the easiest description is balloon Viagra! ‘Hi-Float’ will keep your helium inflated latex balloons afloat for longer so you can pick up your balloons days in advance.

How far in advance do I need to book in my order?
You will only receive 10% off on orders that are booked in July. You can book any time in advance and we are also happy to help you in that last minute panic on the day!

Still a little unsure? 
Give us a call or pop in and see our friendly staff who are very happy to help. We can guide you to get exactly the amount of balloons you need and what balloons to choose to match your theme. 

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