6 November 2013

Show Your True Colours - Autumn Internationals 2013

It's time to show your true colours! 

If you are a sports fan then you will be well aware that the time has come once again for the Northern Hemisphere to take on the Southern Hemisphere with all its might! Are you supporting your country throughout the Autumn Internationals?

Whether you are having your mates around to watch it from the comfort of your own front room, heading down the local pub to share in the atmosphere of if you are lucky enough to have tickets to a match, we're certain you'll want to show your true colours and your full support! And we're sure you'll want to make some noise whatever happens! Try our Supporters Air Horn and you'll certainly get heard!

So from tableware to wigs, and from balloons to flags, here at Flingers we will have something to help you show your support. 

If you're heading to the Millennium Stadium, Murrayfield, Twickenham, Lansdowne Road or even further afield try Flingers Party Shop on Gloucester Road or shop online to find what you need to share your passion and your patriotism. 

Or if you are looking to get a little more creative, use your body as the canvas and find the perfect colours in our range of face paints to show the colours of your country!

But if all this patriotism isn't your thing and you want to hold a party celebrating every nationality and enjoying each and every rugby match, then our Universal Bunting is just what you need!  

Who are you supporting this season?