27 February 2014

St David’s Day Daffodil Pinwheel Tutorial

This coming Saturday is St David’s Day. The celebration of the patron saint of Wales. As a country which is full of passion and patriotism it is a day of celebration across the whole country. March 1st will see parades, concerts and food festivals held in city centres and small towns. As well as many people feasting on delicious Welsh cakes and wearing the traditional Welsh dress.

Daffodil Pinwheel Craft - nurturestore.co.uk
The daffodil is the national flower of Wales and is worn by Welsh people to celebrate St David’s Day. We love seeing daffodils pop up at this time of year, its bright colour helps to herald the fact that Spring is almost here.

Having discovered this adorable Daffodil Pinwheel Tutorial, we think this is a fab craft idea to make with youngsters to raise their awareness of the Welsh culture. We can image these being waved along parade routes across Wales or being used to brighten up a your home and help you look forward to Spring.

Get the simple tutorial at nurturestore.co.uk.

All you will need is some yellow paper, green card, an empty egg box, paint, and a paper fastener pin. Then, just find a gentle breeze and watch your Daffodil Pinwheel wizz around!

Remember to decorate accordingly this Saturday. At Flingers we have lots of Welsh party decorations to brighten up any home or party venue. Including bunting, flags, balloons and more.

For those who really wish to wear their patriotism on their sleeve (or rather face) we have red, green and white face paints for you to get creative with. All these decorations have also useful to show your support during the Six Nations!

Will you be celebrating St David’s Day?