7 February 2014

DIY Valentines Heart Paper Garland

Love is defiantly in the air! Valentines Day is just around the corner and we hope that if you are in a relationship you will have planned and prepared lovely treats to show your loved one how much you care.

At Flingers we love a crafty tutorial and when we spotted this love heart paper garland we had to find out how to make it! We think this will be a perfect decoration to hang up on Valentines Day to surprise your loved one and add a touch of romance to any room. But we also love this idea so much we think it could be hung up all year around regardless of relationship status!

So read below and find out how to create your very own DIY paper heart chain. It is so simple all you need is some colourful paper strips and a stapler! Easy!

Valentine Love Heart Paper Chain Tutorial

Image Source: DIY Heart Garland Tutorial

1. Prepare your strips of paper. If you are using a range of colours, pair up co-ordinating strips.

2. Staple four strips of coloured paper together at one end.

3. Pull down the two outer strips of paper and pinch them together. Carful not to pull too tight and cause a crease in the paper. You want a lovely sweeping arch to replicate the shape of a heart.

(Now for the fiddly bit!)

4. Select another two strips of paper, making sure to pair the right colours together!

5. Align the two new strips of paper to the edge of the strips you have pinched together and staple the four pieces to secure in place.

6. Again, pull down the two outer strips of paper and pinch together.

7. If you are using a range of coloured strips of paper, choose the next pair of coloured pieces to create an alternating pattern.

8. Repeat the process!

Using pink or red paper strips will create the perfect effect for a sweet and thoughtful Valentines decoration. These polka dot paper garlands in red or pink are available from Flingers for just £1.39! We think the alternating patterns would create an adorable effect for your paper heart chain. Perfect!

Flingers Party Shop - Polka Dot Paper Chains
Alternatively, by using different coloured paper, you could easily use this tutorial to create DIY decorations for a range of events including baby showers, engagement parties and weddings! Flingers has a range of colours available which you can shop online or in store.

Are you tempted to try out our tutorial?