1 October 2014

Oktoberfest Top Tips

As the last weekend of Oktoberfest gets underway in Munich, there is still time to enjoy your very own Oktoberfest party. If you are planning to host or attend a late Oktoberfest party then these are the top tips you need to follow to enjoy the whole Bavarian experience.

Bavarian Feathered Hat
Dress Up
Lederhosen for the guys and dirndls for the girl are essential at Oktoberfest! Get into the spirit of the festival by dressing up in traditional Bavarian clothes.

Learn some German
ein maß: A stein of beer: (ß is a double ‘s’ - pronounced mass).
Thank you: Danke
Please: Bitte
You’re welcome: Bitte schön
Cheers!: Prost!
Bopperl: Nickname for someone dear or special.
Aufstöin: To donate a beer.
Ogschdocha: Tipsy
Fetznrausch: Totally drunk.
Noagerl: the last remainder of a beverage in a glass

Turn your party venue into a Bavarian delight with lots of white and blue decorations. Drape blue and white streamers from the ceiling, hang Bavarian decorations up and put blue table covers to prevent sticky beer stains on the table tops!

Enjoy some German dishes
Think lots of bratwurst, chicken and pretzels. Essential to pace you through a whole stein of beer and to pace you through the whole evening!

Attend an Oktoberfest Event
The best part of Oktoberfest is getting to meet new people and bond over some traditional litre steins of wheat beer. So take a big group, attend an organised event and experience Oktoberfest as it should be, surrounded by lots of jolly beer drinkers, listening to traditional German bands and having a good old dance along. If you are in Bristol, we can recommend Oktoberfest-UK on the 10th-11th October for a hearty and traditional Bavarian knees up! Tickets are still available if you're quick!

What are your Oktoberfest plans?