5 December 2014

DIY Christmas Bunting

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? We're counting down to Christmas and have been getting crafty with some of our decoration ideas this year.

Taking some left over wrapping paper from last year, we created this festive string of Christmas bunting! It is a great for using up spare offcuts of wrapping paper, and a cheap way to create some stylish DIY decorations.

You can customise your DIY Xmas bunting by using coloured/patterned wrapping paper that co-ordinates with your Christmas tree or the rest of your decoratiosn this year. And you can make as much or as little as you like! It will be completely unique to you.

We think it is a great Christmas decoration idea and best of all it is really simple to make! A perfect activity to keep the kids busy over the weekend, and we're sure they'll be super proud to hang it up to decorate their bedrooms once it is complete. Try the tutorial below to craft your own Christmas bunting.

DIY Christmas Paper Bunting Tutorial

1. All you need for this tutorial is some Christmas wrapping paper, string, a hole puncher, scissors, ruler, and glue. 

2. Cut a 30cm wipe strip of wrapping paper, fold it in half and secure with glue. You should now have a double sided strip of paper you can begin to mark out your bunting triangles on.
Carefully measure out your festive bunting pennants using a pencil and a ruler so they are symmetrical and straight. Then, use the scissors to follow your guides and cut the strip into triangles. Repeat this process until you have the required amount of bunting flags.

3. Take each of the bunting triangles and use the hole punch to make two holes along the top.

4. Feed each bunting pennant onto a piece of sting, ribbon or even some wool. We alternated between the patterned paper and the red paper for our string of festive bunting. Once you have threaded all your bunting flags onto your string, hang from the ceiling, stand back and admire!

This DIY bunting is perfect draped around windows, over staircases and from curtain poles! Hang some obligatory Christmas paper chains too and you will be all set for Christmas!

After all that hard work, you will have certainly earned yourself a mulled wine or two! Once Christmas is over, you can always store away your DIY Christmas Bunting to re-use next year too.

Will you be trying out our DIY Christmas Bunting Tutorial?