6 February 2015

Chinese New Year

The year of the goat is upon us. This year, Chinese New Year falls on Thursday 19th February. A colourful, inspirational and enlightening cultural holiday, Chinese New Year is celebrated all over the world.

If you follow the traditions of the holiday, it is said you will bring luck and wealth upon yourself and your home for the coming year. You must 'sweep out' all the bad luck accumulated over the last year by thoroughly cleaning your home, this allowing lots of positive good luck to flow freely in your home.

A key element of Chinese New Year is hanging up lots of lucky decorations. Red and Gold are the most significant colours of this holiday. So if you are planning to decorate your home to welcome in the Chinese New Year be sure to include lots of balloons, crepe paper streamers, table covers and hanging decorations in these colours!

Friends and family are also important at this time of year, so why not invite those closest to you over for a evening meal on Thursday 19th February? Be sure to get them accustomed with the traditions of the holiday too.

At Flingers we are ready for the occasion and have stocked up on lots of red and gold party essentials  to see you through Chinese New Year. So grab all your will need in time for the holiday by ordering online or popping in store and prepare to welcome lots of good luck into your home!

Will you be taking part in Chinese New Year?