17 December 2015

Top 5 Christmas & NYE Cocktails

Keeping you in the holiday spirit, we've collected our top five seasonal cocktails to see you through Christmas and New Years. So grab your punch bowl, plenty of party cups, and a handful of straws. Then you're ready to get mixing some delicious party cocktails and impress your guests this month.

Blood Orange Sangria
Because sangria isn't just for summer. This fruity take on the wine punch is a great alternative to mulled wine for time of year and is an easy one to mix up in one big bowl to last you all night.

Earl Grey Gin Punch
If you are a fan of tea. If you are a fan of gin. Then this is the only bowl of punch you should be making this holiday. A great sophisticated cocktail to mix up for NYE too!

Cranberry-Ginger Sparkling Rum Cider
The cranberry and ginger flavours make this mix perfectly festive. A cocktail including rum and cider means this is certainly one to get you merry this Christmas.

Pimped Prosecco
Everyone enjoys a bit of prosecco on New Years Eve. So surprise your guests by turning it into a cocktail by pimping your prosecco with some fruity additions.

Christmas Punch
Keep it simple with a big bowl of Christmas punch to enjoy this week. Mixing up a big bowl means you can sit back, relax and enjoy the results of your cocktail-making-exploits along with everyone else without worrying about topping up you guests drinks over and over.

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Will you be mixing up any holiday cocktails?