13 January 2016

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Ideas

Did you know we can look forward to another wonderfully wacky Alice In Wonderland film this year? Tim Burton has once again teamed up with Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and a whole host of Hollywood stars to create a sequel to the 2010 hit.

Alice in Wonderland; Through the Looking Glass hits the big screen this May, so get ready for a Summer full of tea parties and all things quirky!

To get some ideas in preparation for the release of one of the biggest movies of 2016, we've been checking out some awesome party inspiration and decoration ideas to throw your own Alice style tea party. A great theme for both young and old, it's perfect for birthdays, weddings and a wide range of events.

Think cute cakes, mismatched vintage crockery and lots of abstract hanging features. Use colourful photo frames and tea cups to hang from above or even from a branches if you are lucky enough to be planning a wonderland inspired garden party this summer. Throw in plenty of 'Eat Me' / 'Drink Me' tags and some party games and you'll be sure to capture this theme down to a tee.

We adore this DIY guide on how to make your own Pink Flamingo Croquet set for the perfect Alice In Wonderland lawn game! So get creative this Summer and start planning the ultimate Alice in Wonderland tea party!

Will you be watching this film for party inspiration?