4 March 2016

DIY Mothers Day Bouquet

Don't forget! Mothering Sunday is this very Sunday!

Why not go DIY with your Mother's Day treats for that extra special touch? These DIY paper flowers would be the perfect accompaniment to breakfast in bed, brightening up a tray of tea and treats to present to your Mother on Sunday morning.

Being so easy to make, this is a great crafty make for both young and old, and the extra thought will certainly get you extra point from your Mum. Making DIY paper flowers is a great activity to keep the kids occupied for an hour or so  making something Mum will no doubt love! Following our simple tutorial below to start making your own crepe paper flower display below.

What you need:
Crepe Paper
Felt Tips
Glue Gun (If you don't have a glue gun to hand, you could also use pipe cleaners as the stems, and wrap them around the flowers instead of using thread.)

How to Make Paper Flower Bouquet:

1. Make your flowers as big or as small as you like. We used tissue paper squares approx. 4"x4". Layer up several pieces of tissue paper. Play with colours by layering up different shades in between too!

2. Fold all the pieces together in an accordion style

3. Once you have folded all the paper into one long strip, cut a long piece of thread (longer than the length of the straw) and tie one end around the mid point.

4. Carefully use a sharp pair of scissors to round off the edges. If you are making these with the kids be sure to help with this part!

5. We added a touch of colour to the edges of the paper at this stage using a coloured felt tip pen. Just adding a touch of colour here will brighten up the final flower. This tip works best with non-waxy tissue paper or crepe paper.

6. Fan out your accordion folds. Then carefully begin pulling the individual layers forward and ruffle them up to create the volume of the flower petals.

7. Thread the long piece of thread down through one of the straws which will be acting as the stem. Using a hot glue gun, add a big blob of glue to the top of the straw to secure the paper flower head in place. You can use the string hanging through the straw to help pull the flower head into position.(Again, be on hand to help with this part if you are making these DIY flowers with little ones!)

8. Repeat the process until you have all the flowers you need. Arrange your beautiful crepe paper flowers in a vase or glass and get ready to surprise your Mum with your crafty skills come Sunday!

Will you be making a DIY paper floral display this weekend?