7 July 2016

Rainbow Pride

This weekend, expect Bristol to be a rainbow of colour. With the Pride Day Parade taking place in Bristol city centre on Saturday, it's going to be a colourful party to promote diversity and equality, celebrating the LGBT community and beyond.

So get ready to be part a rainbow. And, not to worry, we're here to help!

Rainbow Braces
Grab your mates and form your own mini rainbow with these colourful Glamourama Wigs. You'll certainly fit into the crowd then! Complete the look with rainbow braces, or just throw on a multi colour Flower Lei for a more summery look. It is July after all!

Don't forget the decorations too! With every colour under the sun available in our balloon department, you can easily make an improvised balloon rainbow. Use our Quick Link Balloons to actually make an actual balloon rainbow arch! Get in touch to speak with our team to find out how.

Check out all the details about this Saturday's Pride Parade.