9 September 2016

Stylish Ways to Use Crepe Paper Streamers

Decorating with crepe party streamers is always a popular way to add colour and texture to any event, along with creating an impressive feature to wow your guest. We're always asked for top tips on how to use crepe streamers to create stylish feature walls and fun party decorations. In the past, our How to Decorate with Crepe Party Streamers blog posts have always been popular with our party planning readers!

So we thought we'd put together even a few more stylish ideas and top tips of ways to use the simple paper streamer to full effect!

Streamer Partition Curtain
If you are decorating a large event and need to partition off certain sections, these giant crepe streamer curtains will certainly impress your guests. Doubling up as a colourful decoration feature too. - Source

DIY Crepe Flowers
If you fancy getting a little more crafty with your use of crepe papers, then we think you will love these minimalist crepe flowers. Perfect for making an ever-lasting bouquet in your favourite colours. - Source.

Fringe Crown Tutorial
Or if you are after a DIY craft idea for the kids to enjoy as well,  these fun fringe crowns will certainly brighten up their day. - Source

Crepe Streamer Chandelier
Create your own eye-catching feature with your very own DIY chandelier. Go for bold and colourful streamers to brighten up the space, or limit yourself to more muted tones for a chic and stylish decoration. - Source / Source

Paper Streamer Chair Backings
Again, another super simple but effective way to add a pop of colour to the seating engagements at any event or wedding. Chair decals are often a detail forgotten about, but simply tie streams of crepe paper to the backs in your preferred colour scheme for some added texture and tones. - Source

Fringed Love Letters
Statement words and text are a big trend for all sorts of events at the moment. Hiring huge light up letters or text sculpture can be a costly affair. So instead, we recommend following this awesome tutorial by Green Wedding Shoes to make your own fringed letters from scratch! - Source

DIY Streamer Photobooth Backdrop
Long after the event is over, the memories live on in photographs. Photobooths are as popular as ever! But hiring an impressive backdrop doesn't need to be an issue when you can create your own slick and simple crepe streamer background, themed to your event's colours of course! Get the tutorial here. - Source

Whatever your colour scheme, we have the crepe paper and streamers to match! Shop reels of your favourite colours online at Flingers or pop in store to stock up on this versatile decoration!