30 September 2016

Easy Halloween Party Themes

Time files, and as September turns into October, we're getting ready for our favourite time of year. Halloween! So it's time to start planning some serious Halloween fun! Will you be throwing your own party at home? Attending a local event? Or hosting a kid's Halloween party at the end of the month?

There is so much to think about when organising a Halloween party, so where to begin? Well we're all about deciding on one main theme to pull your whole event together. These are our four favourite Halloween themes to base your own spooky events around.

Zombie Apocalypse
A popular fancy dress and party theme year on year. Think blood, guts and gore! Encourage all your guests to get dressed up as zombies so that you'll have a true zombie extraviganza on the go. Your zombie troop could even head out en masse, hitting the dancefloor at a local club for some zombie dancing.
What you'll need:
- Blood splattered scene setters
- Lashings of fake blood and fake wounds to cover yourself and your guests with
- Classic zombie fancy dress
- Mix up a 'blood and gore' inspired punch, using raspberry juice, strawberry and blackberry chunks and maybe a few floating "eyeballs"!

Pumpkin Party
What is October without pumpkins? Get everyone involved in this seasonal tradition and hold a pumpkin carving party. Plan awards for the most creative, most extreme and funniest pumpkin carving skills. A fun and interactive party suitable for grown up and kids alike.
What you'll need:
- Pumpkins. And more pumpkins
- Carving tools, spoons and bowls to catch the pumpkin inners
- Inspiration sheets to inspire your guests
- Lots of snacks, bonus points for a pumpkin inspired buffet!

Day of the Dead
Celebrating Halloween Day of the Dead style is getting more popular each year. Candy skulls, colourful flowers, piñatas and a Mexican atmosphere go towards making this a fun, cultural and alternative way to celebrate Halloween.
What you'll need:
- Face paints to decorate your guests with a candy skull faces
- Piñatas to keep both the kids and grown ups entertained
- Colourful flower garlands and skeleton themed decorations
- For the adults, mix up some tequila inspired cocktails too

Haunted House
A classic Halloween theme, and one of the easiest to do as well. A theme that is open to interpretation and means your guests can turn up in all sorts of guises. From ghosts and ghouls, or black cats and vampires, to wicked witches and the devil too!
What you'll need:
- Pretend gravestones in the garden and drape fake cobwebs from every surface
- Hang ghosts, ghouls and all sports of spooky decorations
- Invite friends over to start the night with a Halloween horror movie showing
- Plan a haunted food and drinks (a spooky floating ice hand will complete your bowl of punch)

Stay tuned for lots of Halloween party plan tips, ideas and inspiration to make your celebration as spooktacular as possible!