7 October 2016

Halloween Squad Costume Goals

With Halloween at the end of the month, have you put much thought into what you will be dressing up as this year? If you are struggling to decide, why not ask a few friends or colleagues if they have any ideas. You could combine efforts and go all in for a group fancy dress theme and pull off some of the most impressive Halloween costumes around!

We've picked out a handful of our favourite squad costume goals to inspire you this Halloween!

Smurf Squad
A simple group theme to take on whether you are a group of 3 or 30 people! Get liberal with the blue face paint, grab some thing white to wear and top off the whole look with those essential Smurf Hats.

Where's Wally?
Perfect for groups with a mixture of guys and gals, adults and kits. The more the merrier! This theme requires minimal effect too, with lots of Where's Wally and not forgetting Where's Wenda costumes available.

Zombie Troupe
A Halloween favourite. Plus another simple costume to create en masse. Round up your mates, splatter each other with fake blood, add grotesque latex wounds and get ready to take on the town. Pop in some creepy coloured eye contacts for full Zombie effect and practice that vacant stagger walk. Bonus points if you learn the full 'Thriller' dance routine too!

101 Dalmatians
We're big fans of his group costume theme! In fact we think this could be an adorable (yet wicked!) fancy dress idea for any Mum and her brood of kids to take on this Halloween. Go full Cruella de Vil mode and spend the evening herding around your collection of super cute dalmatian kiddies!

The Many Faces of Johnny Depp
This is one Halloween group costume idea that we are impressed with. If Johnny Depp isn't your thing, pick another cult movie star or why not take this idea and have a Beyonce twist cataloguing the various incarnations of Bey over the years. Same goes for Madonna, Lady Gaga or even Bowie?

Mario Kart
But this has to be one of our favourite fancy dress group efforts! Do you think your gang would like to become a Mario squad? So many extra golden coins for colour coordinating balloons and bikes!

Do you think you'd be up for orchestrating a fun group effect for this Halloween?