10 April 2014

Easter Egg Hunt Tips and Ideas

One of best activities to keep kids occupied over Easter and to bring the whole family together is to organise an Easter egg hunt! We wanted to round up some top tips to ensure your Easter egg hunt goes according to plan, entertains everyone involved and is as creative as possible!

Egg Hunting Top Tips: 

Decorate your Eggs
You could start preparing for the big hunt by getting creative with the kids. Decorating Easter eggs is also a great family activity at this time of year and are many ways to paint, colour and decorate eggs. We rounded up some of our favourite techniques with our Easter Egg Decoration Tutorial

Colour Coded Eggs
Alternatively, why not colour code the eggs, so that each member of the family or member of the hunt is assigned their own colour to search for. This is a great idea help accommodate children of all ages, allowing you to hide eggs in easy to reach places for the younger ones but making it a little more challenging for the older children. That way you can entertain everyone involved without the need to over simplify the clues or the secret hiding spots to suit the youngsters only. 

Hunt at Dusk
To make your egg hunt a little more unique and exciting, why not plan it in the evening? Kids can use torches to search out the goodies or paint your hidden eggs with glow in the dark paint so that they can be spotted as the light fades! So much fun!

Easter Buckets
Where do the hunters keep all their goodies? In some adorable Easter buckets or baskets of course! These plastic Easter hunt buckets are available now at Flingers and come in this range of designs. The great thing about these buckets is that they can be kept to use again at next years Easter egg hunt and in the meantime be used to store toys away in around the house!

Spell it Out
Use alphabet stickers to spell out a prize, a special message or a final clue to help the hunters find a big Easter surprise at the end of the hunt. Stick letters onto the eggs and once all they have all been recovered, the eggs can be laid and to spell a the message. 

Draw a Map
If spelling out a message with stickers or cryptic clues is a bit too complex for the younger children, then draw a simple map to point out where the Easter goodies are hidden. You could also use signs dotted around the house and garden to help point the kiddies in the right direction!

Keep it fun!
Most importantly however, is to keep the whole Easter egg hunt fun. It will be no fun if the eggs are hidden so well that no one can find the prize! Include a big prize at the end to surprise the kids with when they follow the final clues. Prizes could include tickets to the cinema, a book, a toy or something else to keep them occupied over the Easter school holidays. 

At Flingers, we also have the perfect Easter Egg Hunt Kit to get your scavinger hunt started. The kit contains four card Easter baskets, eight signs to point the hunters in the right direction and 16 cardboard eggs. All for just £2.99, available in store and online! See who can find the most card eggs and perhaps and a few chocolate bonuses along the way. Alternatively, write simple riddles and clues on the card eggs to get the hunters searching for the next hidden bounty!
Easter Egg Hunt Game available now for just £2.99

Will you be planning a Easter Egg Hunt?