20 April 2014

The Legend of St George

Quickly following on from Easter, we now find ourselves gearing up as a nation to celebrate St George’s Day. Falling this year on Wednesday 23rd April. As the patron saint of England, St George’s Day calls for a little bit of national pride, patriotism and celebration of English history.

Chosen as the patron saint of England in the 1500s, St George is infamous for the legend in which he bravely defeats a dragon! The myth goes that a small village, somewhere in the Holyland was terrified by a dragon that had set up its nest in the very spring that the whole village depended upon as a water source. Each day, a sheep would be sacrificed as a way to distract the dragon, tempting him away from the spring and allowing the villages to collect all the water they need.

However, should there be no sheep available on any particular day, a young woman would be chosen at random from the village and instead offered up to the dragon to tempt him away. One day, the woman chosen for this act was in fact the Princess of the land and despite begging to be saved from certain death, she was taken to the spring and offered to the beast. Luckily, St George happened to be traveling past the village on this very day and chose to intervene! Protecting himself with the sign of the cross he slayed the dragon, rescued the Princess and saved the whole village!

This brave tale is of course a myth spread around England by the Crusaders hundred of years ago. But the nobility of St George has stood the test of time. He is seen as a fitting patron saint for England and other countries who are inspired by his bravery and heroic nature. There is, of course, no better way to get into the spirit of celebrating England’s patron saint than by getting dressed up, decorating your home and proudly displaying the cross of St George!
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How will you be celebrating St George’s Day?

Image source: www.blog.robertbrindley.com