3 June 2014

DIY Balloon Feature Wall

A party without balloons is barely considered a party! For both kids and adults, balloons are a super easy way to add a little party sprit to any event.

We discovered this awesome balloon feature wall idea on Pinterest and we think is such a simple yet impressive party feature! Now, we love a some DIY party decorations and think that this is quite a stylish one that could be replicated at all sorts of parties. 

All it takes is an assortment of coloured balloons, a pair of lungs (or failing that, a balloon pump) and some tape. Sounds so easy doesn’t it?! Blow up the balloons by varying amounts and simply use tape to attach them onto the wall. Arrange in an almost spontaneous fashion to give the impression of these balloons cascading down the wall. 

We think this would really be an awesome party decoration for an under the sea themed party. Use blue coloured balloons to imitate air bubbles floating up through the ocean. Sure to be a hit with kids!

This DIY decoration idea is so easy to customise to suit whatever party you are planning. For a girl’s birthday party, use an assortment of pinks and yellows to create a colourful and playful feature to impress her friends. Or at a baby shower, use blue and pink coloured balloons to create this decoration. 

This party feature wall is even a great idea for an engagement party or a wedding. Grab an assortment of pearl coloured balloons, or balloons which co-ordinate to the wedding colour scheme and you’re sorted! 

At Flingers, we have a HUGE range of coloured balloons for you to choose from. With the balloon packs starting from just £1.79, grab a pack of 6, 25 or 100 to ensure you have as many as you will need to compete you party feature all. 

Will you be trying out this DIY Party Decoration idea?