17 June 2014

The Caipirinha Recipe - Brazilian Cocktails

Football fever is finally catching up with the UK!

We think the world cup is a great excuse to throw a Brazilian themed party and get to grips with the host country and its carnival culture. We’ve been bringing you some top hints and tips on how to decorate your home ready for a Brazilian party on the blog, and now we want to bring you the recipe for the national drink of Brazil. The Caipirinha!
No Brazilian inspired party would be complete without some cocktails and certainly without muddling a few caipirinhas. Whether you are planning to watch the football or not!

  • A fresh lime 
  • Sugar
  • Ice
  • Cachaca

Muddle your Caipirinhas:
  1. Chop your lime into eight wedges and put 3-4 wedges in each glass. 
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar (or two if you have a sweet tooth!) The finer the sugar the better.
  3. Use a muddle (or a wooden spoon) to mash the limes into the base of the glass. 
  4. Fill the glass with ice. 
  5. Pour over a hearty measure of Cachaca.
  6. And enjoy!
Whilst cachaca is key to an authentic Caipirinha, if you can't find any where you live, substitute it with a good vodka. The drink will then be called Caipiroshka. Vodka not your drink of choice? Use white rum and you will have a Caipir√≠ssima.

If you have quite a few guests coming around, make a big batch of this delicious cocktail to keep spirits flowing all evening long. Just calculate how many limes you'll need to cut up and how many spoons of sugar you will need to create enough punch for the whole party to create a jug full of this tasty cocktail.

To really get in the carnival spirit add some colourful straws in the Brazilian colours and garnish with some fruit. Then sit back and enjoy all your hard work!

Will you be trying out the Brazilian National Cocktail?