11 July 2014

DIY Confetti Candle

We stumbled across this awesome tutorial on Unusually Lovely’s blog and thought it was a great way to create a customised candle with an extra bit of sparkle that would be perfect for a housewarming gift!

If you want to recreate your own personalised candle, you’ll be happy to know it is a really simple! It is up to you what coloured confetti you want to use, and depends on how you intend to use your candle. We think these would love beautiful lit up on the tables of a wedding, so gold, silver and ivory confetti would work well. Or if you fancy using these to add a little colour to the garden at night when you sit out and enjoy the warm evenings, then we think confetti with more vibrant colours would be great!

Confetti Votive Candle Holders

For this project you'll need glass votive candle holders, confetti (or glitter!), Mod Podge (PVA can be used instead if you can’t find any Mod Podge), and a paint brush. You'll also need something to lay your confetti out on.

Use a sharp scissors to chop up your confetti into smaller pieces. Spread out your confetti on a flat surface.

Cover about a third of the glass votive with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Start from the bottom of the glass, and work your way up. I wanted a kind-of ombre effect, so I didn't paint all the way up the glass, but you do as you wish. Roll that section in the confetti and lightly press the confetti down with your fingers. Add another layer of Mod Podge and reroll if you want more coverage, or continue on to the next section. Let sit for 15-20 to start the drying process.
After a bit of drying, add another coat of Podge over the entire glass, pressing down the confetti with your brush. This is also a good time to move any loose pieces around. Let dry completely.

Order some confetti online at Flingers and you’ll be sure to find the perfect kind to make this personalised candle holders! Delivery starts from just £1.40.

Will you be trying this DIY candle yourselves?