18 July 2014

DIY Confetti Party Poppers

We love finding tutorials for fun party decorations or games. The simpler the better!

This delightful tutorial for DIY Confetti Poppers is perfect for adding a little fun and surprise to any party.

All you will need:
Paper Cups
Sharp Scissors

Confetti Party Popper Tutorial

  1. Cut off the bottom of the paper cup.
  2. Tie a knot in the end of an uninflated balloon and then trim it in half. 
  3. Stretch the bottom half of the balloon over the bottom of the cup, to cover the opening you created.
  4. Fill the cup with confetti.
  5. Pinch and pull down the balloon knot, release and witness your DIY party popper in action!
We told you it was simple!

A great idea for a kids party and you can even get them to help create these home made party poppers as it is such a simple idea. 

DIY Party Popper Tutorial - estefimachado.com
Co-ordinate the balloon colours, paper cup patterns and confetti shapes to suit the you party. At Flingers we have a huge range of confetti to suit all occasions, including mortarboard confetti for graduations, pirate themed confetti for awesome birthday parties, love hearts for weddings, baby footprint confetti for baby showers and much more. 

In fact, you can get all you need to complete this tutorial at Flingers, including the paper cups and the balloons!

Will you be trying out this DIY confetti popper idea?

Images sourced from: estefimachado.com.br