11 August 2014

Garden Party Lawn Games

Time to plan your next Summer garden party! We're hoping the sun makes an appearance this weekend so that we can attempt to recreate some of these great DIY lawn games.

From a chic game of ring toss using painted bottles and repurposed embroidery hoops to knocking down a stack of vintage inspired tin cans, decorated with lace and floral fabrics! These are traditional but fun lawn games which will appeal to both young and old party guests. We love the simplicity of the using some paving stones and pebbles for a very rustic game of noughts and crosses.

But our favourite must be a game of alfresco Twister! Cut a large circle from the bottom of a cardboard box or a large piece of paper to use as a stencil and spray rows of coloured circles to map out the twister board. Use spray paint for a semi-permanent twister feature to play on until you next cut the grass or consider using coloured hairsprays to easily wash away the circles after the party.

No true garden party is complete without a good bash of a piñata! Especially great to occupy the kids with the promise of sweeties and toys raining down upon them if they manage to smash it open.
Party Perfect Piñatas -  Unicorn   |   Monkey   |   Treasure Chest   |   Donkey   |   Dragon
Pick a piñata to suit your part theme the best. From Unicorns, Castles, Footballs, Dinosaurs, and many more, including a Buzz Lightyear Piñata - great for a Toy Story themed party! Fill with sweets and party favours but most importantly, remember your piñata busters and blindfolds! Then let the games commence.

Are you planning a Garden Party this Summer?