1 August 2014

Rainbow Fan Tutorial

With the hot summer weather in full swing, we know there will be fans wizzing all around the country in offices, living rooms and bedrooms to help keep you cool. So why not  liven up any boring old fan you may have going to add a bit of colour to your office or your home! 
DIY Rainbow Fan | Craft Tutorial | Sourced: Pink Stripy Socks
We discovered this super simple but really quirky tutorial on Pink Stripey Socks' wonderful and crafty blog and knew we had to share it with you! Find out how to make your own painted rainbow fan below.

Materials Needed:
- Masking Tape
- White Fan
- White, red, yellow, and blue paint
- Foam Brush

Directions to Make Rainbow Fan:

1.  Remove the grill from the white fan.

2.  Place Masking Tape on the center of your fan to protect the center from getting painted.

3.  If your blades aren't white, paint them white to help the colors really stand out. 

4.  Once the white paint dries, paint different combinations of red, yellow, or blue to create your 8 concentric rainbow rings.Create each color of the rainbow (from inner ring to outer): 

  •  Red- Three red blade bands
  • Orange- Two red and one yellow blade bands
  • Yellow- Three yellow blade bands
  • Green- One yellow and two blue blade bands
  • Blue- Three blue blade bands
  • Purple- Two red and one blue blade bands

  • 5. Now comes the hardest part.  Wait for the paint to dry!  Don't turn on the fan on before the paint is completely dry.

    6.  Once your paint dries, carefully remove the Masking tape, replace the cover and turn it on to reveal your rainbow! 

    We think this is a great way to add some colour and fun to basic indoor fans that you might use in a kids playroom or bedroom. Or if you are throwing a party this summer and need to keep your guests cool then this tutorial is perfect!

    Will you be adding some rainbow fun to home or office this summer?