3 March 2015

3D Pom Pom Hungry Caterpillar

Did you know World Book Day arrives this week?

World Book Day is a great time for teachers and pupils, parents and children to share some of their  favourite stories.

Many people take World Book Day as a great opportunity to dress up as their favourite characters from their favourite books. If you are still looking to pick up a World Book Day inspired costume, be quick! Lots of styles have already sold out.

If you are looking for an activity to do with the kids on Thursday 5th March to celebrate the occasion, we've come up with a little craft activity to give you some ideas.

The Hungry Caterpillar is an iconic book, popular with both adults and children alike.  So how about making a 3D version of the very charming Hungry Caterpillar! Using nothing more than tissue paper! You could stick him to a piece of paper to make a colourful poster or turn him into a hanging pom pom feature to brighten up the children's bedroom or playroom!

Find out how to make your own with this simple tutorial.

3D Hungry Caterpillar Pom Pom
1. Take several sheets of tissue paper and cut into equal squares.  Cut the square of tissue paper according to how large you want to make your pom poms. Stack them up in a pile.

2. Fold all the pieces of the tissue paper into a concertina fold. Then, take a piece of cord or thread to tie around the middle. If you plan to hang your pom pom caterpillar from the ceiling as a decoration, make sure to leave lots of extra string so you can tie them up at the end. Next, to add some texture to the finished pom pom, snip the corner off the folded tissue paper to leave a diagonal edge.

3. Spread out the concertinated tissue paper around its centre and begin to seperate the layers. Pulling one sheet up at a time so it begins to form the 3D shape of the pom pom.

4. Ruffle the pom poms up so they are full of texture. If you are going for a full 360 pom pom to hang up, make sure to pull the layers all the way around to make a ruffled ball.

5. Repeat the process with 4-5 more pom poms in green tissue paper. Then you need to create the head using red tissue paper too! 

5. If you are using mini pom poms to make a poster, attach glue or double sided sticky paper to the flatter rear side of the pom pom and secure to the paper.

6. Don't forget the feet, the antena and his eyes! Use some off cuts of the tissue paper to cut out some small triangles and circles to stick onto your pom poms and really bring your Hungry Caterpillar to life!

We think this is a great activity for groups big and small to get crafty in the spirit of World Book Day. The more of you there are more pom poms you can create! All whist bonding over the tale of a special little caterpillar who has enthralled children for year and years!

Do you have fond memories of reading The Hungry Caterpillar?