31 March 2015

Easter Egg Hunting

Planning to organise your own Easter egg hunt this weekend? It's a great way to keep the kids occupied this Easter weekend, and to get their brains working as they decipher the clues!

One of our favourite ideas to put together an extra special Easter egg hunt is by doing it in the dark! Use glow in the dark eggs to so that they can still be found even as the light fades in the garden. You could use glow in the dark paint to create the effect, or check out Kirstin's great idea over on LilLuna.com on creating multicolour glowing eggs by using glow sticks.
Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt - LilLuna.com
Or if you want to make the kids work that little harder to find their Easter prize, how about spelling out the final clue on a puzzle, then pop each puzzle piece in a plastic egg! We think this is a great and crafty way to make the Easter egg hunt last a little longer! Find MollyMooCrafts.com's top tips on how to do this yourself.
Puzzle Piece Easter Egg Hunt - mollymoocrafts.com
Grab some Easter buckets for all the kids to collect their eggs in and you're sorted! It you don't have time to get creative with your egg hunt this weekend, you could always pick up our Easter Hunt Game will everything you'll need already included. From the card baskets, to the signs to point everyone in the right direction and the collectable card eggs!
Stock up on your Easter party essentials - Easter Buckets
Are you taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend?