14 August 2015

Sunshine Party

It's pretty wet and grey across Britain right now. So we wanted brighten up our day and reboot that Summer feeling by hunting out some awesome ideas for a sunshine inspired party. Brighten up the British summer with a party that is bright, bold and all things yellow!

We adore these mini yellow pom poms as cute (and DIY) cake toppers! Perfect for adding a burst of colour to the top of any cakes or cupcakes - and suitable for any sort of party too! Just use different coloured tissue paper to co-oprdinate your pom pom cake toppers to other party themes.

Simple touches of yellow straws, bunting, plates and tableware will instantly add a burst of zest to the party. But most importantly, to really draw on the sunshine theme, hang big and bold paper lanterns, paper fans and yellow balloons from high above. Or for the more creative out there, a cluster of beautiful sunflower balls would be spot on for a sunshine party. These would be fab for Summer weddings too!

Such a simple party theme to create, especially when here at Flingers we have a wide selection of the party essentials you'll need... all in sunshine yellow of course!

 After all, who doesn't like a little bit of sunshine to brighten up your day? You may even trick the sun back into making another appearance!

Do you fancy adding a little sunshine to your weekend?