20 August 2015

Tip Top Ice Lolly Ideas

Whatever the weather - the only way to really enjoy the Summer is with a frozen treat in hand. We've pick out some of our favourite ice lolly recipes that you can recreate at home. Discover some alternative popsicle ideas and make your own refreshing summer deserts in frozen form - from fruity, to minty, to something for the grown ups too!

Watermelon Ice Lolly
A deceiving but delicious recipe using not only watermelon, but  coconut milk and kiwi too. Yum - Recipe here

White Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Lolly
Topped with white chocolate and sprinkles, like a sophisticated Fab - Recipe here

Coconut and Mango Ice Lolly
How refreshing do these look! Creamy fruity goodness in one icy treat. - Recipe here

Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Lolly
Who isn't a fan of Mint Choc Chip? Create your own minty treats in ice lolly form. - Recipe here

Banana and Yoghurt 
Simple but sweet. Proving homemade ice lollies don't have to be fancy. You can even use small paper or plastic cups if you don't have ice lolly moulds to hand. - Recipe here

Gin and Cucumber Popsicles
Who says ice lollies are just for kids? Refreshing gin and cucumber ice lollies for a grown up summer treat! - Recipe here

Do you have any top tips for making home made ice lollies?