19 November 2015

Winter Warming | Party Inspiration

Winter is officially upon as and with this windy, wet, and cold weather we are really looking forward to thowing a big warm winter party to welcome in the season. The perfect winter party should be full of twinkling lights and flickering candles to give the illusion of warmth.

Very stylish party planner knows the appeal of Maison Jars! For the ultimate pinterest-worthy party, half fill some jars with water, fill with lush green leaves and rich red berries and top off with a floating candle to create stylish and oh so seasonly appropraote lighting!

We also love beautiful pine cone garlands - drawing on the rich outdoor landscape to provide pretty party decorations! Find out how to create your own DIY Pine Cone Garland with this handy tutorial

Ultimately, the key thing to making a cosy winter party it lots of warming drinks. Think Hot Chocolate with a huge supply of luxurious toppings. Make an interactive Hot Chocolate bar where guests can put together their own topping to make the ultimate delicious Hot Choc. Yum!

How are you planning welcome in the Wintery weather?