11 November 2015

Pudsey Bakes | Children In Need

One of the most popular and enjoyable-for-all ways to raise money in aid of Children in Need is always a bake sale!

With Children in Need just days away, you don't have long to plan your spectacular bakes! We've been checking out some of the best Pudsey inspired cakes, biscuits and treats to get some great ideas, ready to raise some money for Charity on Friday 13th November. Check out lauralovescakes's blog for some top tips on how to create your the perfect eye patch using icing in order to complete your Pudsey designs. But we do have a soft spot for some 3D Pudsey cake pops, almost to cute to eat!

If you are more of a biscuit person, then there are still lots of ways to design your treats in Pudsey style. The all important eye patch must feature of course!

Or for those of you who are thinking more along the lines of a simple cake design, then you can't go wrong with a fun polka dot iced cake! In the end, whatever type of treat you make, all that really matters at a Children in Need bake sale is having fun, raising money - and eating cake!

Are you raising money for Children in Need this Friday?